Celebrating 160 Years of Sanderson with best Nature inspired styles

Published on: Sep 21 2020 by TMI

Celebrating 160 Years of Sanderson with best Nature inspired styles

TM Interiors has been around since its inception in 1976, but that is not a patch on some of the brands we have worked with over the years, including Sanderson fabrics who in 2020 have embarked on its 160th Anniversary.


So what’s the big deal….. well we believe Sanderson fabrics have always created beautifully observed, hand-drawn designs that are elegant and easy to live with, and since their inception way back when in 1860, the brand has taken inspiration from the wonders of the English countryside, allowing a multitude of home owners and interior designers to furnish every kind of home with its unique and iconic style for many, many years.



Just as with any business it has had to adapt to market changes and perhaps without Zoffany and Walker Greenbank the Sanderson story may have not continued, but regardless of the ups and the downs, there’s nothing more enchanting than the familiarity of an iconic floral or the memories of a countryside walk that is the aesthetic of the Sanderson brand.

The History of Sanderson

The founder Arthur Sanderson’s was a renowned distributor of fine wallpapers and wallcoverings from around the world and his early endeavours and passion laid the foundations for a successful future.


An increase in business led to the opening of his own Chiswick Sanderson Wallpaper factory, but unfortunately in 1870 Arthur passed away and his sons took over the operation.

Staff significantly increased from 40 to 300 and the first printing machine was joined by seven more. A new extension to the factory was built and designed by the celebrated Arts and Crafts architect and designer CFA Voysey, which still stands today, having become somewhat of a Chiswick landmark.

At the height of their success in 1924, Arthur Sanderson & Sons were awarded the Royal Warrant as Purveyors of Wallpapers to the King George V a high accolade at the time.

A fire in 1928 closed the Chiswick operation down however a new factory was built, set in 80 acres of land in Perivale. This state-of-the-art factory, which produced wallpaper until 1975 and was described as state of the art.

Sanderson launched Triad, the first ever collection of co-ordinated fabric and wallpaper around their 100th Anniversary in 1860, and with extensions to the Uxbridge factory and a cutting-edge showroom built in Berners Street, the anniversary was complete with a bust of Ivan Sanderson in the lobby.

Sanderson Iconic Designs

Although its range has always been diverse, with not only fabrics and wallcoverings to select from but plenty of Sanderson Upholstery fabrics as well, Sanderson established a reputation for its beautiful floral furnishing fabrics as long ago as the 1930s.

With its distinctive designs well known throughout the world, this inheritance, combined equally with inspiration from nature, forms Sandersons iconic handwriting.

Everyone has their favourite but three designs that have continued to inspire and decorate countless homes throughout the UK and the world are Chelsea from 1957, Rose & Peony 1914 and Dandelion Clocks 2009 to name but a few.


Sanderson National Trust Fabrics

Sixty years later Sanderson fabrics and wallpapers continue to launch exceptional collections that are reasonably priced.

The latest Sanderson National Trust Fabrics range is both celebrating the beauty of nature in design, but also Sanderson’s 160th Anniversary. An exceptional collaboration between two iconic British heritage brands, which sees the wonder of the National Trust proudly translated into a range of stunning fabrics for home interiors.


With five captivating design themes exploring the National Trust’s raison d’être and documents from the Sanderson archive, this collection’s exquisite hand drawn designs, technique rich embroidery and textural weaves showcase the captivating beauty of our much-loved countryside.

Classic Country

Intricate stitchwork and fine watercolours combine to create this elegant scheme that’s influenced by the flowers and fruits found within the walled gardens of countryside estates


Neutral tones and garden greens create a classic scheme, highlighted with Gold bursts reminiscent of late summer and the mineral contrasts of Steel Blue and Slate.


For a classic country look, keep the colour palette within the same hues, and add interest by using a striped fabric such as Melford on your sofa.





sanderson-country-house Country House


Create a welcoming country feel by taking inspiration from the treasured wallpapers, delightful formal gardens and stunning embroideries found within the historic buildings in the National Trust’s care.


Bringing to life the glory of a country house garden, sumptuous, rich velvets capture the spectacular colours of generous peonies, delicate butterflies and friendly bees.


Play with contrasting textures, use trimmings or contrast piping on curtains, upholstery and cushions to add that finishing touch.





Nature Inspired

The weaving grasses and wild flowersof this fresh, uplifting scheme represent the tranquillity of Cambridgeshire’s Wicken Fen, the National Trust’s first and oldest nature reserve.


Natural greens, fresh yellows and pops of kingfisher blue reflect the colours of this picturesque landscape, accented by textural looks and the painterly detail of delicate bees and emperor dragonflies.


Pick out a tone within the main fabric to add a contrast leading edge to your curtains. If you want to elevate the feel, why not try a Sanderson Upholstery fabric like their delightful Dorton Velvet?







National Trust

The colourful flowers and prolific pollinators found amongst the National Trust’s cottage gardens, specifically that of Thomas Hardy’s Dorset home, have inspired this charming theme.

Stylised fruits and berries in feminine, pastel colours are teamed with timeless hand painted floral trails, to bring a sophisticated air to elegant interiors.

Create a wonderful country feel with this fresh contemporary design that is
produced using eco-inks and printed on sustainable cotton.


When creating a beautiful table setting create levels by adding layers of different textures and height. Use the tones in the interior setting and add one highlight such as this bright yellow to make the room sing!




Coastal Retreat

We’re celebrating the 780 miles of coastline and precious wildlife within the National Trust’s care by capturing a sophisticated coastal look with darting seabirds and rolling waves.


Abstract patterns and lino cut looks introduce a versatility to this theme with beautiful Indigo, Navy and Teal colourways representative of a seaside panorama that’s highlighted with the Raspberry tones of spring flowers.


Create a perfect retreat by keeping your colour palette tonal. To ensure the room feels restful whilst using a bold print, pair with a small scale wallpaper design or paint.





We have the complete range of Sanderson fabrics online available to buy by the meter and delivered direct.

Alternatively if you are looking for Sanderson curtains online, then TM Interiors has been making made to measure Sanderson curtains, roman blinds, and cushions for over 40 years with a qualified in-house workroom our quality is assured.


Celebrating 160 Years of Sanderson with best Nature inspired styles
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Celebrating 160 Years of Sanderson with best Nature inspired styles
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