11 Stylish Ways To Use Florals In Your Home Interiors

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11 Stylish Ways To Use Florals In Your Home Interiors

Floral fabrics of course are an integral part of interior decorations, floral textiles can furnish every room in your home. Used on curtains, upholstery and wall coverings they bring a little bit of the outside in (without the muck) and also have a nice softening effect.

Classic floral designs can have a symmetry that is both pleasing to the eye, and often a proportion that complements the arrangement of furniture in both traditional and contemporary schemes.

If you want to use a classic or old floral design in a modern space, it is possible, but try to use ones that have a lot of space between the motifs therefore giving an illusion of depth and space.

These days florals in some cases have a new design, as the world has opened up with more opportunities, the designs have taken new inspiration from the east with motifs inspired from Russia, Tibet, Japan and Africa giving floral textiles and even greater choice when used in home interiors.

Anyway here are just some suggestion with examples of how you may use florals in your home interiors.

1. Walls

Use an oversized non-repeating botantical design in a transitional space such as a corridor, to add a bit of character and beauty to the space. The idea of bringing the outdoors in can be done using a wallpaper designs for walls in an odd space.

Look at this example of a Harlequin wallpaper that has complemented a classical styled open plan hallway with a pretty floral. ‘Lotus’ wallpaper from their ‘Momentum 3’ features painterly magnolia flowers which have been finely engraved onto a soft metallic ground.



2. Floor

A floral motif on an area rug and soften the look of a modern white kitchen or spares living room. Pick out the tones from the rug and use them in lighting such as pendants, repeat in crockery and even artwork to create a sense of unity.

Look at these two fine examples using Sanderson Midsummer Rug and their Angelique Rug both manufactured by Brink and Campman for Sanderson fabrics.



3. Walls

To create a painterly effect why not in an office corner or space create an almost bespoke mural by using a painterly design.

Here a couple of examples from dutch manufacturer Eijffinger known for their use of strong bold colouring, these examples are taken from their recent collection Masterpiece.




These dutch are crazy!

4. Curtains

Create some rustic charm by using floor length curtains and even mismatched florals for an elegant cottage style. The trick is to keep everything else simple so untreated floors and sparse contemporary furniture will prevent the scheme from looking dated, and instead create a modern-rustic feel.

Designers Guild are ever so good at creating this look, see these examples from their Couture Rose fabric collection, this fabric hanging is Nymphae Camellia.



Let us not forget Romo fabrics Saphira collection and their Saphira fabric which can also make a space take on a modern charm if it is back to the brick walls.


5. Walls

Evoke the work of Dutch Old Masters by using an oversized floral wallpaper design with cream chrysanthemums and roses against a dark background. Used the same print on full length curtains for maximum effect and double the impact, but remember to keep the flooring and upholstery relatively plain in order to not overwhelm the living space.

Talking about Dutch Old Masters again, brings us back to the Eijffinger Masterpiece collection, and this huge oversized floral wallaper, unfortunately no curtains on view but I am sure you get the idea.



In an interior scheme grab attention by upholstering your sofa in over sized floral design which embraces colour, and create variation by upholstering a second sofa in plain fabric with floral cushions to reverse the look, and create a sense of balance.

Linwood fabrics Arcadia fabric is a beautiful over sized floral design that hopefully grabs your attention as much ours when you see it used on a sofa.


Zoffany fabrics Phoebe taken from their Woodville fabric collection is also another giant sized floral that just looks great when used to upholster a chair.


Zoffany Rose Absolute fabric from their Winterbourne Prints range is also a flamboyant contemporary floral fabric with it’s design enlarged, used here on a sofa.



A vintage floral in a country style setting can give a slight lift to an interior scheme, and papering an alcove rather than a central panel is quieter, and more relaxed.

Take a look at how Sanderson apply their Chestnut Tree wallpaper to great effect in this alcove in a country setting leaving the rest of the room unpapapered.


8. Cupboards

We are sure you have heard this one before, but to bring an element of surprise to a blocked colour, or even neutral colour scheme, a good way to use a floral is to decorate the inside of a cupboards or desk area, without having the floral design permanently on display.

This example is just one of many google floral cupboard for further inspiration or head over to Pinterest and do the same.


9. Artwork

Botanical artwork can bring a vibrant touch to the room, using simple but striking frames to keep it modern and unfussy. Remember to keep the artwork themed and hung closely together.


If you don’t have the artwork, but still like the look then you could always look to Sanderson Wallpapers Woodland Walk collection and their Fern Gallery from some imitation.



10. Walls/Sofa

A diagonal pattern offers a different look and fresh perception on how the room is understood, another example from Designers Guild with their excellent Caprifoglio fabric collection.


11. Headboard

Using a floral fabric on a shaped headboard or matching valence will make a stylish showcase for a statement floral , and to finish it off add a boarder to the white linen duvet and pillows for a crisp finish.

See these examples from Thibaut fabrics taken from their Avalon collection.


Plus another more traditional example from Linwood fabrics Arcadia Collection.


Hope you enjoyed these 11 ways to use florals and our highlighted fabric examples.

Of course floral designs are always popular for use in home interiors, and never go out of fashion.

Just hot off the press we learn Designers Guild have launched their Jardin Des Plantes Fabric collection of exquisite prints in varying scales, printed on linens, cottons and cotton velvets, in a palette of interesting colourways so even more new floral designs for you to consider.

Of course should you need any advice or assistance in choosing for a scheme, please do not hesitate to contact us and we can do our best to assist you, as well as offer our made to measure custom curtains, and blinds service, from our own in-house workroom.

11 Stylish Ways To Use Florals In Your Home Interiors
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11 Stylish Ways To Use Florals In Your Home Interiors
Stylish ways to use florals in home interiors.
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