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Bedroom Wallpapers
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Achieve a Blissful Bedroom with Luxury Wallpaper

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, somewhere to unwind, rejuvenate and escape the stresses of the day, so make the most of it with a makeover to reflect your personality and style.

One of the best and simplest ways of making sure your bedroom showcases you is by introducing some luxurious wallpaper. Wallpaper is an easy way to lift and enhance a room, it offers instant texture, colour, and pattern. It can also be completely tailored to your personal aesthetic; looking for a peaceful and relaxing space try a natural texture but if you embrace modern art and pattern go for a bold colourful choice. The choice is endless! 

So, read on for TM Interior’s examples of beautiful bedrooms with wallpaper of every style, from bold, modern statements to subtle classics and natural textures.




Rhombi Vinyl Wallpaper Shagreen Zoffany
Zoffany Shagreen Vinyl Wallpaper
Zoffany Shagreen Wallpaper 

Zoffany is a brand sought out by those seeking craftmanship and artistic flair; fusing luxury with artistic excellence, their collections are a must if you are looking for effortless sophistication.

Rhombi Wallcoverings is a collection that bridges the gap between contemporary and timeless, with an opulent blend of new and archive designs. Instead of going for the constrained four matching walls or one feature wall in your bedroom, look at mixing two different designs from one collection for a fresh feel.




Zoffany Rose Absolute Wallpaper
Zoffany Rose Absolute Wallpaper

Staying with Zoffany for a little longer, if you want to channel the ambiance of county house living via your bedroom wallpaper consider the Darnley collection. Inspired by the inhabitants of some of England’s most famous stately homes this hand drawn collection is one to behold!

Rose Absolute shown above is a joyous, large-scale rose design printed on linen. Flamboyant but at the same time calming due to its tonal colours this floral wallpaper has a timeless quality and is inspired by a 19th century archive design. Perfect for an undeniably sophisticated and elegant bedroom scheme.



Coppice Peacock Wallpaper Harlequin
Coppice Wallpaper Harlequin

Introduce an air of 1920’s sophistication to your bedroom with ‘Salinas’ from Harlequin, a stunning collection of nine elegant wallpapers in an indulgent array of colours. Bold, jewel-like tones with silver highlights and hand-drawn floral trails on these wallpapers create a luxurious deco feel.

Applied to a whole wall or as illustrated above on a portion of the wall to highlight a bed this wallpaper will look fabulous combined with a rich velvet headboard.



Scale Wallpaper by Arte
Papyrus Wallpaper Arte 48550
Papyrus Wallpaper Arte 48552

Perhaps a large-scale pattern is not right for your bedroom style? Channel the upmarket hotel vibe with a beautifully handcrafted and textured paper such as the Papyrus or Scale designs from luxury brand Arte.  Papyrus explores hand-folded paper with no repeated pattern making every piece genuinely unique, the paper is then patinated with metallic ink and cut into small strips for a unique look. Similarly, Scale wallcovering is an inlay of hand-woven wallcovering, made from natural plant fibres (sisal), which will add some refined elegance to your bedroom walls. 

Papyrus Wallpaper Arte


Beyond Wallpaper Phillip Jeffries
Phillip Jeffries Beyond
Phillip Jeffries Beyond

Innovative digital printed papers can mimic brushstrokes to create a bespoke artistic look for your bedroom walls. ‘Beyond’ from Phillip Jeffries (shown top) is a multi-layered tonal design on a grass cloth base, available in seven relaxing colourways this luxury wallpaper will offer the ultimate mix of tranquillity and impact!

Capturing the breath-taking magnificence of the open ocean, Horizon from Swedish company Boråstapeter is beautifully illustrated and packed with wow. Bring the calming vibe of the seaside landscape into your bedroom with a digitally printed design. Accessorise with shades of blue, natural wood and fresh white.



Hakone Wallpaper Harlequin
Harlequin Hakone Wallpaper
Crossroad Striped Grasscloth Wallpaper Thibaut
Thibaut Archer Chevron Fabric

Nothing says elegant quite like a classic stripe and it can be the ideal starting point in your bedroom scheme. Try hanging a vertical striped pattern behind the bed to create a feature wall and build on this look with a palette of muted greys and buttoned detailing on the headboard. Adding softer, tactile fabrics and accessories will stop the look from becoming too linear. Thibaut Crossroad Stripe wallcovering shown above has a bold 6" wide stripe printed on top of a heavy grass cloth and complimented with herringbone and chevron designs in the fabric. 

In contrast the softly coloured variegated stripes of the Harlequin Hakone design (shown top) give a classic stripe design a thoroughly modern feel. Also, as is the case for other striped wallpaper, the paper can be hung horizontally for an alternative twist.



Mansfield Park Osborne & Little
Caspian Wallpaper Sanderson

Do not be afraid to mix up your patterns in a bedroom scheme. Clever combinations can work well together and give a layered feeling to the space. The trick is to contrast the scale or colours of the wallpaper and textiles to create a balance. 

The pale fern leaves of Sotherton by Osborne & Little (shown top) are arranged within a symmetrical leaf shape, they provide a subtle contrast to the intense all-over design and darker colours of the velvet on the headboard. 

Another way of combining pattern is to use the same colour on the wallpaper and fabric (be it a headboard or curtains / cushions) but vary the scale of the pattern. Demonstrated above, the hand printed quality of Sanderson’s Cantaloupe wallpaper is set off by a simple smaller ikat fabric in the same hue.




Elitis Anguilla Big Croco Legend Wallpaper
Herringbone Wallpaper Mind the Gap

Delicate patchwork with the look and feel of leather skin is illustrated in the Anguille Big Croco vinyl wallpaper from Elitis (shown top) Tonal shades and subtle texture make this paper a real statement and the perfect background to simple furniture and bed textiles. 

Sticking with geometric wallpaper designs, Herringbone from MINDTHEGAP’S Manhattan collection channels an updated deco feel. Marble textured brick tiles in various lifelike shades creates a real feature. Contrast with dark, rich walnut wood, sleek white, and grey for impact.



Kiss-my-ass Wallpaper Mind the Gap

Perhaps your style is more light-hearted and quirky? Kiss my Ass! Is a humoristic wallpaper design, again from MINDTHEGAP with elements firmly drawn from pop art. This wallpaper is guaranteed to raise a smile in any bedroom.

MINDTHEGAP wallpapers are made on a new generation non-woven substrate. Printed with eco-friendly inks, MINDTHEGAP wallpaper is easy to install on any wall type.



Dynasty Cheng Toile Wallpaper 02 Thibault

Don’t be afraid to express your personal style in your bedroom. If you favour bright and vivid patterns this is the room to indulge yourself. Thibaut are well known for their beautifully bright and cheerful designs. Dynasty Cheng Toile wallpaper is a chinoiserie design with a modern twist, shown above in a bold red and blue colourway the paper contrasts beautifully with geometric woven fabrics and crisp white bed linen.



Fine Arrowroot Wallpaper Phillip Jeffries

Lustrous and strong, Fine Arrowroot from natural wallpaper specialist Phillip Jeffries is a handwoven paper. With the look of raw silk in a natural grass this wallpaper will look elegant and simple in any bedroom. A plain but textured wallpaper bridges the gap well between painted walls and a full-on patterned paper. You could even consider it for your ceiling as well as the walls!



  • The choice of paper for a bedroom is no different to that of a living room. It is only important to choose a different quality or type of paper if the room is very humid (such as in a bathroom). When it comes to choosing a bedroom wallpaper it is simply a matter of taste.
  • Stick to a feature wall if you want to create a simple focal point but equally do not be scared to use the paper on all the walls if that is your choice. If you choose a very bold and bright pattern try placing it on the wall behind the bed, this will be less distracting once you’re in bed.
  • Be creative when installing a ‘feature’ wall. Make a boutique-hotel inspired design feature by hanging a couple of drops of a striking wallpaper behind the bed. Making it slightly wider than the bed (perhaps to include the bedside table area) and consider finishing the edge of the wallpaper with a slim wooden wall mounted batten painted to match.
  • Coordinate your wallpaper with your chosen bedroom decor.  Choose a dominant colour or pattern to effortlessly tie the decorating scheme together. If you like a cohesive and styled look match your wallpaper print to that of your curtains. Add accent colours with cushions and rugs to add another element of interest.

TM Interiors specialises in luxury wallpapers, with over 100 of the world's top brands to choose from we are sure to have the perfect wall covering for your bedroom. Take a look at our full collection of products online. Our website allows you to order samples and read hanging instructions / technical specifications but please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us should you need any design advice or help with quantities and specifications. 

2 July 2021