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Velvet Fabrics

Velvet fabric in interior design is a trend that is here to stay – far from the days where velvet was considered old fashioned and dowdy the latest patterned velvet fabrics are truly a feast for the eyes, as this fine example from Linwood fabrics shows.

Velvet Fabrics UK

There is a depth and richness that only velvet can bring to a scheme, keeping it safe from changing trends and fashion and ensuring its role as an important element these days of elegant interior design. Jabs City Velvet a fine example below where you can find velvet in a myriad of colours from black, red, blue, green, pink and grey and everything in between such as mustard, teal, aqua and blush pink velvet fabrics for example. Linwood Omega Velvet fabrics also has numerous colour options.



Velvet Upholstery Fabric

Velvet upholstery fabric is not only a great option for upholstery, it can also create an opulent look when used for curtains, examples here from Pierre frey and Morris and Co.


If you are not convinced about patterned velvet upholstery fabrics or air on the side of caution, then for a casual introduction of velvet fabrics, try a throw or cushions, or recovering a footstool. These are ideal opportunities to bring the fabrics tactile quality and look, home in a smaller way, plus offering easy updates to any home decor scheme, as shown by Harlequin, and Osborne and Little below.


Try also a scattering of velvet cushions on a linen sofa to add some further depth and visual juxtaposition, contrasting to the muted surface of other fabrics or unrelenting hard furniture surfaces.

Consider using a velvet fabric to upholster a headboard like Osborne and Little did with their floral velvet fabric Fullerton.


What is the best velvet fabric for upholstery?

It is often asked what the best velvet fabric for upholstery is, and while there is no right or wrong answer as it can all depend on its use age and application, and the look you want to achieve.

So, from crushed velvet, cut velvet and cotton velvet here are some points worth considering:

  • Originally velvets were made from natural fibre, such as linen, mohair, cotton and silk. With the advent of synthetic fibres such as polyester, nylon and viscose, most modern velvets tend to be a blend of both. These combinations it is regarded can offer superior softness, sheen and durability.
  • Velvet fabrics come available both with stain resistant and fire retardant finishes this makes them not only comply with UK Fire Regulations therefore suitable for use as a velvet upholstery fabric, but it can be used for general domestic and in some cases commercial upholstery due to stain resistant nature.
  • Always consider the variable quality of the way in which the fabric pile catches the light. This can be appealing to some while, off putting to others and richly saturated hues can often magnify this quality so consider your colour choices.
  • A crushed velvet fabric can hide the difference to some degree in how the light effects the surface of a velvet fabric, and a printed velvet fabric even more so.
  • Remember a key part of velvet fabrics appeal is its ability to age with flattened or lightly worn patches which may appeal to some and not to others, so consider if its enduring vintage appeal is something you so desire in your home decor.
  • In some cases while a polyester velvet man made fibre maybe less expensive, it can also be just as hardwearing, durable, and designed to look and feel like more expensive cotton velvet.
  • Velvet’s durability is measured by a martindale rub count with anything over 20,000 regarded as suitable for general domestic. Anything above 40,000 to 50,000 rubs can be considered as heavy domestic and even commercial quality, and it is not unusual to find quality velvets with 100,000 rubs for domestic upholstery these days.

Patterned Velvet Fabric

We now look at some recent patterned velvet fabric, that been featured in some press recently for you to consider for your home interiors.

Japura by Romo fabrics takes its inspiration from tropical scenes with an eye-catching composition of palm trees and lush foliage. The design is digitally printed on an incredibly soft, luxurious velvet with a subtle slub effect for added texture.

Romo Japura Velvet Fabric

Japura is available in two colour combinations: a statement neutral and a rich teal and blush providing an option for all tastes.


Osborne & Little’s Hartfield reflects the pastoral beauty of the English countryside. Digitally printed on a cotton viscose velvet the design is a collage of rolling hills with stylised trees and country stonewalls. The view is seen through the stems and flowers of a rambling rose. A stunning mix of teal, turquoise, ochres and pinks provide a much-appreciated burst of colour.

Hartfield is taken from the Mansfield Park collection which borrows names and places from the novels of Jane Austen to provide a delightful range of embroideries, velvets and decorative prints. Companioned with the wallpaper collection of the same name this range is a true celebration of our countryside and literary history.

Hartfield provides a wonderful blend of colour and pattern to complement the current popular dark and intense paint shades.

Osborne and Little Mansfield Park Fabrics

Palla Figue by Pierre Frey is an undulating geometric design which truly evokes a feeling of movement and energy. Designer Laura Gonzalez created the Palla motif which is a realistic reinterpretation of Ancient Greek drapes. Eleven shades of colour work their way through both variants in the design, incorporating tones taken from figs and tourmaline.

Palla in Figure is a bold and fluid printed velvet fabric, perfect for both upholstery and window treatments.

Indian, from The Morris & Co. studio is available as a decadent printed velvet or a textural flock. Available in two vibrant colourways, the design was originally a simple block printed Morris & Co. wallpaper, thought to have been designed by George Gilbert Scott. Indian Flock Velvet is the perfect design to reach a new generation of Morris lovers, it is suitable for contract, drapes and upholstery making it extremely versatile.

Morris and Co Rouen Velvets

Orion from Linwood is brand new for this season. A contemporary abstract flowing pattern is foil printed onto luxury velvet in three opulent but refined colourways. A perfect match for the range of sophisticated metallic finishes people are now using in our interiors.


Orion is taken from the desirable Cosmos collection which features luxurious velvets and weaves with a subtle, understated air. The designs all have their own character but can be mixed and matched easily. Designs include semi plain upholstery weaves, foil printed velvets and silk, linen and cotton jacquards. All are woven in Italy making them undeniably glamorous.

Jardin Chinois from Designers Guild is an Eastern inspired printed velvet available in two distinct colourways.
Well defined brushstrokes create layered leaves on a muted ground to illustrate an atmospheric bamboo garden. Influenced heavily by nineteenth century Asian art Jardin Cinoiis combines contemporary touches and tones with elements of classical brushwork. As a heavyweight digitally printed velvet, the cloth is ideal for luxurious curtains, upholstery and cushions.


designers-guild grandiflora-rose fabrics
designers-guild grandiflora-rose fabrics

Neutral Hemp colourway gives a soothing and relaxed feel, in contrast the vibrant Jade shade gives a fantastic pop of colour.

Cantaloupe Velvets by Sanderson (who are celebrating creating inspired designs for 160 years in 2020!) is a small-scale version of the printed fabric with the same name.

Cantaloupe Velvets showcases glorious stylised melons and intricate swirling leaves to create a bold statement. Two beautifully rich colourways are printed onto 100% velvet, they are a fantastic showcase for the subtle tonal movement and striking detail of this standout design.

Sanderson Caspian Prints & Embroideries Fabrics

Cantaloupe Velvet in the Cherry / Alabaster colourway looks striking on a feature sofa.

Rio from GP&J Baker is taken from the Signature Velvets collection. This wonderful collection of printed velvets showcases some of the most iconic and enduring GP & J Baker designs. Rio is a riot of colour and pattern celebrating the exuberance of the Mardi Gras, available in eight colours and printed on a luxury viscose / cotton velvet. Suitable for window treatments and upholstery purposes.


Rio in Emerald gives a sumptuous look to a sofa, a perfect companion to those ever-popular deep green houseplants.

We have just touched the surface of the different printed velvets on the market at the moment, here at TM Interiors we supply fabric and wallpaper from most of the world’s top brands and can advise and guide you to the perfect product for your project.

We recommend you browse online our selection of velvet upholstery fabrics from quality brands such as Designers Guild, Romo, Linwood, Harlequin, Sanderson, William Morris, Zoffany, Warwick and Clarke and Clarke as well as international brands of Pierre Frey, Dedar, Carlucci, Jab, Casamance and others.

Romo Fabrics

romo-black-edition mizumi fabrics

Linwood The Tango Fabrics

zinc mulliner fabrics


Looking for that perfect printed velvet upholstery fabric for your upholstery then contact us for advice and guidance, we offer custom and be-spoke upholstery services along with additional made to measure curtains, blinds and accessories all produced in-house for over 40 years.

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