Trimming Ideas Curtains, Blinds, Cushions and Fabrics

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Trimming Ideas Curtains, Blinds, Cushions and Fabrics

Elegant trimmings

Adding trimmed fabrics to match certain elements in your home has become a growing lux trend. One that adds plenty of personality to your home. Imagine having white curtains with a blue curtain trim, and then adding that same blue trim to another element in your home to match the curtains, you then add an immediate flow within the room.

We follow (or we like to think we do) all trends very closely, due to our vast portfolio of luxury fabrics online, which can then be finished with many delightful trims to suit your personal design project or home interior scheme.

Whether you are looking for just a decorative curtain trim, or maybe a tassel trim for curtains, or any type of curtain trimmings, and curtain tiebacks in the UK for that matter, you can find them online with us.

Below you will find some basic uses of trimmings and ideas that you can use in your home, followed by suggested luxury trimmings and fabrics exclusively found in our online store. Happy designing!

Dressing Up Table Skirts

Doing redesigns and renovations in your home requires changing all elements in order to create a completely new, refreshed look. However, if you don’t want to change your dinning or coffee tables we have just the thing for you. Namely, with creatively crafted table skirts, you can achieve a new look and setting in your home.

ROMO fringe trimmings

Decorate each fabric with luxury trimmings and create a refreshing new appearance. With Romo Veneto Bead Fringe for example, you can have a braid and beaded fringe at the bottom hanging elegantly.

ROMO fringe trim

How about some Travers linen tassels to match the elegant Boho style you are after? Check them out here, as well as the entire Travers Trimmings collection.

Pillow Accessories

Why not have a new pillow design each season. Get your groove on and freshen up your sofa with some of these trimmings:

pom pom trimmings

Simple, yet lux pompoms can greatly improve any fabric or material you already have. So why not do just that with this delicate pom pom trim by Osborne and Little?

luxury pompom trimmings

Can pompoms be scrumptious?! Because that’s the word that comes to my mind when we look at these. See what varieties you can create with our vast collection here.

Jazzing Up Roman Blinds

Whether you already have roman blinds that you want updating, or you want some custom made roman blinds, we have just the right trimmings and fabrics to complete your project.

roman blinds trimmingsHave you ever thought of adding some pompoms or fringes to your blinds? This is one excellent way to update your existing roller or roman blinds, and they don’t always have to be soft, they can be glass beaded trim for curtains or blinds by Travers.
roman blings fringe trimmingsGet crafty with these fringes everyone loves. Find different colors of fringes in our vast collection of mid to high-end designer brands in the curtain trim section of our website, full of beautiful options.
roman blinds braid trimmingsIf you’re Looking for something more sophisticated, and you want to go beyond basics, Osborne and Little Savoy Braids Trimmings can be added to your blinds, such as an inlay, but also to other elements in the room to create a better flow.

Design The Headboard Your way

If you own a bed with a headboard then you know what a great addition they can be if you only design it well. Step out of the comfort zone and use some trimmings to match your curtains or cushions with. Get crafty like one of these:

headboard design trim

Braid trimmings by Houles are just the thing to create a focal point on your headboard or to border it around with.

headboard design trimmingsBesides brading in the center, why not try to use faux leather and upholster your headboard with it. Check out our Houles Facon Cuir collection of faux leathers and start designing.

We are sure by now you are full of ideas and ready to begin your DIY journey around the house. Browse our extensive range of luxury curtain fabrics online and then head over to our accessories section to find the ideal curtain trimmings, braid, and fringes for either curtains, upholstery and soft furnishings.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the products, and look out for our second part on Trimming Fabrics Ideas.


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Trimming Ideas Curtains, Blinds, Cushions and Fabrics
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