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[schema type=”product” url=”https://tm-interiors.co.uk/” name=”TM-Interiors” brand=”Zimmer and Rohde” manfu=”Zimmer and Rohde” ]With the interior design world abuzz with the forthcoming interior shows Focus 14 and Decorex, fabric houses announce their launches just prior to these, and we have already had news of Osborne and Little, Nina Campbell, Zoffany, Harlequin and others. So the indulgent brand that is Zimmer Rohde and their family of designer fabrics, Ardecora, and Hodsoll McKenzie have just announced their offerings.


Causal and Natural Chic is the Zimmer Rohde collection available this autumn in 2014 and if you know the brand then you would already know that yes naturally they are very classy, with their luxury collections of designer fabrics, they seem to produce effortlessley each season.

This casual and natural chic collection is described as “captivating, with lightness, elegance and a natural look” but then again they would all say that wouldn’t they.


Don’t get us wrong Zimmer & Rhode is a really sophisticated brand with a great back catalogue of fabrics to choose from (much like their German counterpart Jab fabrics, or should we say Jab Anstoetz) so if you ever get the chance to visit their showroom at Chelsea Harbour it is worth a trip.

Their style is represented by other companies with similar designer fabrics, so others worth considering are Dedar, who produce bright rich contemporary fabrics with interesting patterns and designs, also at Chelsea Harbour, and available from our showroom, aswell as that french company Casamance.



We don’t have the samples in the showroom just yet, but soon, and as we appreciate design, we always like to get some news out and take a look at the companies we really admire, so let us take a brief introduction into the Casual and Natural Chic collection, just focusing on the main patterns rather than the plain fabrics within.


Avril is a floral print above, you could say with a slightly out of focus feel, and the style is almost in the same mood we would say from as the Simi, and Elini fabrics from the Sanderson Aegean fabric collection sometime ago. Of course Avril is more subtle and we would like to think of it as, if you spliced two fabrics together, say the Sanderson Simi fabrics and Nina Campbell Magnolia Garden from the Cathay collection then perhaps Avril would be the outcome. Or whatever…



Carlista is much the same a floral motif featuring  rhododendron branches produced on linen which makes a gentle backdrop when used as a pair of curtains. June continues the floral theme further this time on a shiny Trevira CS base fabric emphasising the gradients and shadows of the leaves.


The collection by Zimmer & Rohde, of course contains some plain and semi plains, but a collection is not complete, without some textured weaves and geometric fabric to mix the with the main patterns. In this instance it is available in the form of Porto, Mezzo, and Piccolo all with intricate woven patterns and elegant finishes, and Platino a jacquard fabric with its rough geometric form. These room shots display most.


While looking at the collection we recall the new Osborne and Little jacquard Dovetail fabric from their most recent range Abacus and while the designs share no resemblance whatsoever the overall feel of collections we believe is much the same. If you are looking for a closer match to the Platino then perhaps the Casamance Imperatrice fabric is a  much closer match.


But you get the picture we are already starting to compare the two new looking ranges from Zimmer Rohde and Osborne and Little



And who is doing it better? Well different colourbanks of course, but Osborne & Little seem to be out ahead slightly this season, having said that the new Ardecora ranges do look a bit special. Still Zimmer and Rohde are still well known for stylish, contemporary fabrics in good form.

The introduction of the Fade fabric, with a branch like design breaks up the geometric forms discussed above and is available in fashionable grey tones this year, and again just to quickly compare Abacus reintroduces Tsavo a previous fabric from O&L’s Sabi collection from a few years ago. Give us and you something more to play with.


To perhaps steady the collection and give designers something further to work with they include Portobello which features a classic motif and airs them towards the side of tradition, much in the same Abacus Damask works in the new O&L Collection, but of course the elegant satin feel of this motif fabric reinforces the brands contemporary look and feel.


Other brand launches under the Zimmer + Rohde banner this autumn.

Ardecora’s La Traviata new fabric collection is also launched and to be reviewed at another time but at first glance they look as opulent as ever.



English brand Hodsoll McKenzie new Interiors collection with apparent inspiration drawn from the cotswolds to London, the initial look reveals some real quality.


So all of Zimmer and Rohdes fabrics and wallpapers including their other brands such as Ardecora, Hodsoll Mckenzie, Etamine and Travers can be purchased online or in store at TM Interiors.

We also offer interior design services, and a fully bespoke custom made curtains and made to measure curtain service using our own in-house workroom.

Please contact for any further information.

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