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Top Ten Interior Design Trends Autumn Winter 2021 (Part 2)

Top Ten Interior Design Trends Autumn Winter 2021 (Part 2)

Top Ten Interior Design Styles - Autumn/Winter 2021 - Part 2

This is the second part of our two-part blog looking at interior design trends for Autumn Winter 2021. The first part of the blog, published last week, focussed in on trends which seemed largely influences by an underlying theme of a connection with nature. If you missed the blog last week you can follow this link to check out our first five predicted trends:

  1. Deeper Shades of Green
  2. Earthy Hues 
  3. Checks, Tartans and Plaids
  4. Biophilic Design
  5. Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Fabrics 

If there is an underlying theme for the second set of trends which we think will be big for Autumn Winter 2021 it is perhaps one of escapism or exploration.


Grandmillennial Style

If you follow style blogs on any social media you will have seen Grandmillennial style growing in popularity and our interior designers expect it to become more mainstream and popular this autumn/winter and next year. The style can be summed up as traditional with a twist. Grandmillennial style, a term first coined by House Beautiful, embraces traditional floral designs and patterns, and is an antidote to the minimalist and contemporary aesthetic, and the trend for monochromatic colours, plain fabrics and white walls.


Grand Millennial styling using gingham and striped fabric


Achieve a Grandmillennial look with heirloom furniture with a mix of fabric patterns in pastel shades gingham, narrow stripes and wide stripes, in a pastel shade, like these fabrics from the Romo Kemble Fabric Collection.


Grand Millenial styling with heirloom furniture, china on display and gingham fabric


Perfect a Grandmillennial style with heirloom display cabinets, antique china on display and blue and white fabrics such as those shown above.


Grand Millennial styling using patterned wallpaper from Thibaut


A great way to build the base for a Grandmillennial style is through the use of a strong patterned wallpaper, and then to contrast it with modern furniture.


Interesting and Textured Velvets

Velvets remain the very definition of luxury, and the warmth and comfort they bring makes them a popular choice for an autumn or winter refresh. Whilst there are lots of luxury plain velvets to choose from in the current collections, as well as velvet with fabulous designs, our interior designers are predicting the popular trend this autumn winter will be for velvets where the detail comes from within the fabric, velvets where the texture creates or enhances the design, with additional detail created by the use of iridescent and metallic threads to catch the light. 


Textured Velvets from Clarke & Clarke's illusion range


Clarke and Clarke's Illusion fabric collection includes three fabulous embossed velvets with additional detail created by the metallic shimmering colourways.  

Another fantastic new collection of textured velvets is Casamance's Paddington fabric collection (shown below). The collection uses a linen-look matte base on which to build the monochrome and multi-coloured designs, with the shine of the pile being used to enhance the design through the use of colour and light to create a subtle balance between brilliance and matt. 


Textured Velvet Collection from Casamance


Another wonderful collection of velvets released in Autumn Winter 2021 is Romo's Katori FR velvet collection. The bold, graphic designs are enhanced by the textured design to create wonderfully luxurious, decorative collection of tactile upholstery velvets.

Textured Velvets from Romo Katori Collection


Voyages of Discovery

With many of us foregoing travel for the last two years it is no surprise that we are seeing a lot of fabric and wallpaper collections embracing designs and styles which conjure up travel, adventures and a romance for destinations further afield. No brand better epitomises design influenced by a sense of travel and adventure more than Andrew Martin, their founder and creative director, Martin Waller, has even been referred to as the Indiana Jones of Interior Design. As you would expect from such an adventurous brand they have a number of fantastic wallpapers and fabrics, as well as furniture and lighting, which captures the essence of the current trend for interiors which invite you on a journey through space and time to exotic lands and mythical places. 


Andrew Martin's Latitude wallpaper (shown above) invites you to embark on a journey across the globe with an enlarged vintage map showing intricately detailed shipping routes and the names of faraway islands. Whilst the brand's Mythical wallpaper (shown below) with its extra long 3 metre repeat takes you to the magical world of fairy tales with a design full of enchanting mythical creatures. Perfect for travelling the world of imagination as you look up from your chair.


Mythical wallpaper from Andrew Martin



With the trend for minimalism over the last few years, the advent of a Maximalist style was perhaps inevitable. This is a style which emphasises loud, big, bold design. The key to achieving this aesthetic is think bigger, brighter, and busier. Be bold with colours, textures, and styles but take care to build the style by layering the room starting with prized objects, then adding patterns through wallpapers, furniture, accessories and then objet d’art. A good Maximalist interior may look thrown together but will have been carefully curated to ensure it does not descend into the more chaotic and free-for-all style of Boho interiors. This big bold style looks set to trend this autumn/winter and beyond.

Maximilism from Mind the Gap



This impressive wallpaper from Mind the Gap, offers large scale statues as a backdrop for a Maximalist interior design scheme. An alternate wallpaper which works well for a Maximalsm style is Mind the Gap's Idube wallpaper, (shown below) part of their African inspired collection, which combines a large scale Zebra pattern with a realistic fur texture. 


Maximalist design using Mind the Gap wallpaper

To build a lighter but still Maximalist look, try one of the large scale Morris & Co. fabrics or wallpapers from their Simply Morris wallpaper collection which is also tagged #Fresh Maximalism. The large scale motifs and designs will provide the perfect backdrop for building a Maximalist interior design look. 


Japanese Inspired Design

Japanese inspired designs and collections have been popular throughout 2021 and this looks set to continue for autumn winter with the addition of some fantastic Japanese inspired fabrics and wallpapers included in the autumn/winter collections. All elements of Japanese design have made their way into recent fabric and wallpaper designs, from Koi-carp to Kami, Shinto shrines to sunsets, and geometrics to cherry blossoms. Whatever elements of Japanese traditional artistic style you are inspired by now is the perfect time to pick up fabrics, wallpapers and accessories to complete the look for your living space.

Zoffany's Kensington Walk collection captured the trend for Japanese design with the inclusion of a number of designs inspired by the Far East including the Chinese scroll inspired Floating Mountains as well as the stunning Japanese inspired wallpaper, Eastern Palace (shown below), which represents the four main Japanese Islands in a drawing full of Shuto temples, monuments, and the giant mythical Kami.

Japanese inspired wallpaper Eastern Palace from Zoffany

If you want to add Koi carp to your Japanese inspired interior there are several options available with fabric and wallpaper designs from Harlequin, Arte, Jab, and Osborne & Little, to name a few. Luxury wallpaper brand Arte's Koi Wallpaper, part of their Kami collection, showed Koi swimming in a Japanese pond, whilst Harlequin's Koi wallpaper showed painterly fish swimming through water. 
Japanese Koi Wallpaper from Harlequin


Arte's second collaboration with Moooi, Tokyo Blue, offers some striking and original Japanese inspired wallcoverings. The entire collection is worth browsing if you are looking to create a Japanese interior design style. The collection includes, Indigo Macaque, a denim wallcovering with embroidered Indigo Macaques,  Lucky O's, which resemble rolling waves in a Japanese Seigaiha pattern, Shoji, a 3d textured wallcovering made from denim or felted wool in the style of Shoji screens, and Tie-Tami, which uses woven grasscloth to depict abstract clouds in the horizon.


Japanese Inspired Wallcovering from Arte


Japanese inspired trees and cherry blossoms are also a great way to create a Japanese inspired interior. Two noteworthy additions for Autumn Winter 2021 were Casamance's Matsu fabric, named after the Matsu pine common in Japanese classical art, and Haiku from Philip Jeffries, a beautiful wallpaper featuring a large scale cherry blossom.


Japanese Matsu Pine Fabric from Casamance


We hope you have enjoyed our top ten interiors predictions for Autumn/Winter 2021. For more inspiration and ideas for refreshing your living space why not head over to our fabric and wallpaper pages to take a look at the fabulous new Autumn/Winter collections from all of your favourite brands.