Arte Moooi Wallcovering Tokyo Blue Wallpaper

Moooi Wallcovering launch Tokyo Blue the latest range of designer wallcoverings in association with Arte Wallpaper, the newest addition to the Museum of Extinct Animals with the characteristic distinct features and surroundings of the exceptional brands. The ranges houses five extraordinary textured wallcoverings all with different surface designs and markings. With Japanese influences seen through-out the almost toile scene of Rendezvous Tokyo features Indigo Macaques dressed in traditional kimonos that can be discovered between an abundance of exotic flowers, to create a lively wallcovering that depicts a lush forest brimming with life and movement which is printed on a soft and velvety finish fabric. Another textile wallcovering is Indigo Macaque with coloured embroidery is made from denim and the pattern depicts a playful scene of Indigo Macaque families bathing at the hot springs at the foot of the Japanese mountains. A real wood wallpaper is featured in the form of Lucky O', where wood veneer marquetry inlay create overlapping O’s to resemble the rolling waves of the ocean, and reference the ancient Japanese Seigaiha pattern symbolising waves of water that represents good luck, power, and resilience. Tie-Tami is a textured grasscloth which honours the ancient Japanese flooring solution of woven tatami-mats, pictures abstract clouds that slowly drift by while the day gives way to night made of jute and raffia wallcovering. The final design Shoji Blossom is a 3d wallcovering resembling the minimalistic feel of Japanese Shoji screens and its monotone colour that is made from denim or felted wool radiates tranquillity. Explore Arte Tokyo Blue wallpaper online and available to buy and enjoy these five different designs with Japan’s beautiful and versatile nature and ancient culture as their common theme.
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