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Top Ten Interior Design Trends Autumn Winter 2021 (Part 1)

Top Ten Interior Design Trends Autumn Winter 2021 (Part 1)

Top Ten Interior Design Styles Autumn/Winter 2021


Autumn is the perfect time to refresh your interior design to make it warm and inviting ready for longer nights and more time entertaining indoors. With many of the luxury interiors brands launching their Autumn/Winter 2021 collections in September there is an abundance of luxury fabrics and designer wallpapers to choose from. To help you narrow down your search we asked our in-house interior designers to give us their top ten predictions for interior design in Autumn/Winter 2021.

1. Shades of Green

Deeper shades of green have been popular throughout the year with green walls trending as well as a prevalence of greens flowing through fabric and wallpaper collections all year. We predict the trend for green fabrics and green walls will continue through Autumn Winter and into the next year but expect deep forest greens to give way to earthy greens such as brown-greens and olive-greens (such as Olive Colour No 72 paint from Little Greene) before giving way to lighter shades of the under-canopy next year.

Osborne and Little’s collection Kanoko includes a beautiful range of fire treated grasscloth wallpaper in a range of earthy tones including this luscious green.


Kanoko Grasscloth Wallpaper Osborne & Little Autumn Winter 2021 Collection


Mulberry Home’s velvet fabric collection includes luxurious velvets including this wonderful aqua.


Long Weekend Fabric Collection Autumn Winter 2021 from Mulberry Home


2. Earthy Hues 

Earthy hues have been trending throughout 2021, as people have enjoyed more time outside they have wanted to bring the colours back into their homes. A connection with nature can imbue a sense of wellness and calm, something we all need more of at the moment, so it is no surprise that this trend looks set to continue. With the changing of the season will see the earthy hues from autumnal colours trending, with moss greens and warm browns combined with rusty reds and mustard yellows as well as darker teals in a colour palette which is reminiscent of a Mid-century Modern design style.

If you are planning on a Modern makeover now is the perfect opportunity to look for upholstery fabrics, such as the on trend earth hues featured in the Terra Firma fabric collection from Osborne and Little. The texture of the woven two-tone chenille twill of the Terra fabric is ideal for covering Mid-century Modern furniture, it also has the added benefit of being woven from a 100% recycled polyester yarn.


Terra Firma Fabric Collection Autumn Winter 2021 from Osborne Little


3. Checks, Tartans and Plaids

There is something wonderfully familiar and reassuring about checks, tartans and plains which makes them instantly homely and comforting. This familiarity means that you can also use tartans, plaids and checks to experiment with bolder colours, such as the stunning Chennai wallpaper and fabric collection full of beautiful woven silks, or the Madhya collection of velvets, both part of Designers Guild’s Autumn/Winter 2021 collection.


Chennai Fabric Collection Autumn Winter 2021 Designers Guild

Madhya Fabric Collection Autumn Winter 2021 Designers Guild


With so many colour options available there is check, tartan or plaid for every room, they can also be incorporated into a wide variety of interior design styles. Tartans, checks and plaids are fantastic for interior design projects because of their incredible versatility, the design is interesting enough to create a show-piece, or to add a simple decorative touch to a room, but the pattern is not so busy as to overwhelm a room meaning you can also use them as a base fabric and layer florals, plains and other patterns on top.

The Chennai collection from Designers Guild also includes a fantastic set of plaid wallpapers. 


Chennai Wallpaper Collections Autumn Winter 2021 Designers Guild


For a playful twist on a traditional check fabric check out the Cassiano fabric collection from Osborne & Little which is new for Autumn/Winter 2021. The fabric is full of texture thanks to the wonderful weave and additional detail is added by the multicoloured yarn creating the check design.


Cassiano Autumn Winter 21 Fabric Colleciton from Osborne and Little


Burlington, an Autumn Winter 2021 collection from Clarke & Clarke includes a sophisticated tartan in an on-trend olive green, perfect for creating furniture with a quiet refined elegance. The collection takes its name from Burlington Street in London, the home of Saville Row and it is easy to see the style influences flowing through as the smart and elegant design of the check would look as good in a bespoke tailored suit as it does on this fabulous armchair.


Burlington Fabric Collection Autumn Winter 2021 by Clarke & Clarke


4. Biophilic Design

Biophilic Design is the architectural and design philosophy of connecting occupants with nature, not as an after-thought, but as a central part of the design. This is about bringing the outside in and the inside and outside flowing together. This is a design style where the raw materials of nature are embraced, so the form, texture and undulances on the surfaces can be seen and enjoyed. It also means maximising natural light and where possible bringing nature into a room with indoor courtyards, plant walls and house plants blurring the distinction between indoors and the outside. We expect the trend for Biophilic design to continue through this season and beyond with influences being picked up in interior design styles through an abundance of botanic designs as well as embracing natural materials in their raw unfinished form.


Haiku Wallpaper Bibliotheque Collection Autumn Winter 2021 Philip Jeffries


If you want to start incorporating biophilic design into your interior scheme a botanical or textured wallpaper can create a fantastic backdrop. New botanic wallpapers for 2021 include Benmore, part of Nina Campbell’s Ashdown wallpaper collection, available in a wider-width wallpaper the design is full of watercolour splenium ferns, and Arte’s Botanic wallpaper from part of their Manilla wallcovering collection. Or the simply stunning Haiku wallpaper, pictured above, from Philip Jeffries.


Ashdown Wallpaper Benmore Collection Autumn Winter 2021 Nina Campbell


Alternatively bring the texture and grain of wood with Burled Chevron wallcoverings from Philip Jeffries Autumn Winter Collection Bibliothèque. To create the wallcovering poplar wood has been sliced into thin veneers and styled into a modern geometric pattern.


Burled Cheibliotheque Collection Autumn Winter 2021 Philip Jeffries


Add to the design with fabrics in a raw finish such as Drape, a collection of linens from Casamance new for Autumn Winter 2021, to make the most of the texture opt for a natural colourway such as Neige Poudree or Tourterelle.


Dune Fabric Collection Autumn Winter 21 Casamance


5. Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Materials 

Eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics are increasingly taking centre-stage and this trend looks set to continue through Autumn/Winter 2021 and beyond. We have already seen some fantastic environmentally friendly and sustainable collections throughout the year but it is also becoming part of the everyday with an increasing number of environmentally friendly fabrics being used without being marketed specifically as eco-friendly. The advancements in technologies has seen a wider range of fabrics come onto the market, in addition to recycled natural materials such as wool, there a number of fabrics made from recycled polyester and plastics, with 100% PET fabric being made from water bottles which might otherwise have ended up in a landfill, such as the fantastic Wave fabric collection from Kikby Design.


Wave Fabric Collection 2021 Kirkby Design


There is also an increasing range of fabrics made from a wide variety of plant-based fibres. Including wonderfully soft and textured fabrics made from sustainable crops of bamboo, hemp and eucalyptus. Pictured below is the Fleck Eco collection from Kirkby Design which includes Tencel Lyocell is a sustainable yarn that originates from fast growing eucalyptus trees.


Fleck Eco Fabric Collection Kirkby Design 2021


With more and more choices for the environmentally conscious consumer we expect to see the trend for sustainable fabrics flourish.


Embracing Nature

If there is an underlying theme for the first set of trends we are predicting for 2021 it is a sense of embracing and connecting with nature. In part 2 of our blog next week we will look at the next five trends which we think will be big for Autumn Winter 2021.