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The formidable Zoffany brand announce their new Autumn collections and it is being hailed as one of their most comprehensive launches for sometime as they have eight new collections to be available from September 2014.


It appears the success of various collections over recent years is allowing them to build and build on their reputation. They offer enough variety within their collections to appeal to both the modern contemporary market with collections such as Quartz, Akita and others, but still maintain their traditional classic English Country House style, that they have become synonymous for and continue to reaffirm through collections like Classic Damask wallpapers and Zoffany Arden fabrics.

Could this extensive launch be also due to their progressive attitude towards internet selling, as while other companies struggle to accept a legitimate sales channel, Walker Greenbank have not tried to prohibit, and therefore continue to compete with other PLC’s in the UK market place. Just a thought, but if this is the case then surely their strength and share in the domestic and overseas markets will only show continued growth.

So what can we expect from the new collections well.

Jaipur includes Prints, Weaves, and Embroideries  plus wallpapers, and is the mainstay of the collections this autumn. Heavily influenced from  the Indian and Persian continents these set of collections draw upon the traditions of using ethnic embroideries in decorating English Country House Interiors, while receiving some credit for the fact all the fabrics and Jaipur wallpapers are actually manufactured in the UK.


The collection certainly contains designs that you would associate the Zoffany brand for, I mean Kalamkari below as a wallpaper and fabric is a reinterpretation of a Zoffany classic INDIENNE, and the Palme design a floral print, while a tad exotic, its style entirely normal as a Zoffany fabric.


Paisley fabric, and designs, within the interior world have been on the increase of late and the Jaipur fabric collection features two. The Jayshree fabric has a delicate but captivating embroidered paisley with a decorative border running along both edges, while the Orissa velvet, part of the Jaipur weaves collection, is a more of a basic paisley design, but durable and seen pictured on this sofa.


Other noteable paisley designs from this year are Nina Campbell and her stylish Pamir fabric and wallpaper for Osborne and Little.


The Jaipur wallpaper and fabric design is an interesting addition to the collection. Not out of place but an unusual print for the collection we feel and very, very much in the same vein as Osborne and Little Matthew Williamson Tyger Tyger style of wallpaper from last year. The multi-coloured marbling effect provides the background to a series of interesting Moghul inspired painted Indian elephants and tiger. There is the plain Jaipur design to accompany it.


I think you would agree though if comparing it has a hint of Osborne and Little Matthew Williamson Tyger Tyger to it.


Moving onto more familiar territory with the help of Melissa White and her almost recognisable artistry for Zoffany once more. No doubt inspired by William Morris and tapestries of old (if in doubt be sure to check out Zoffany Arden fabrics) she has produced the Peacock Garden fabric and wallpaper. This time though depicting an Indian landscape rather than an 18th century movement. They describe it as “lush”…. it looks lush. It gives the collection a further twist.


Following on from the twist, the collection takes a little turn towards Andrew Martin styli with an ikat design printed on a rich velvet using a technique to create an interesting textured pattern. We say Andrew Martin fabrics because of the bold colours used in the promotional material, and well it is just out of habit when looking at Ikats.


Pulu adds even more diversity to the range, and may appeal to any historic Ralph Lauren fans out there, as this design is based on Persian polo players. “Pulu” by Ralph Lauren (no doesn’t have the same sound byte!) Anyhow enough non-sense Pulu is available as an embroidery fabric and smaller scale design on this wallpaper below.


If you like this style which we have described in the past as somewhat of a mix between Ralph Lauren and Mulberry (just an opinion) then be sure to check out Linwood fabrics Sporting Life collection from a year or so ago.


It wouldn’t be a traditional range if it didn’t have a Zoffany damask and this is taken care by Cochin a tonal damask featured as a wallpaper here and also used as a designer upholstery fabric.


The collection also features some plains and semi-plains to work with Banyan a herringbone fabric and Jaipur plain.

The inclusion of Antique Flamestitch wallpaper which is a layered textured and distressed ikat flamestitch design, plus the Antique Plain a complementary paper which picks up the ground texture from Antique Flamestitch gives some greater diversity overall to this set of collections.


So why not get creative with this diversity…

As the Zoffany brand claims it “embraces the best of both worlds” of contemporary and traditional design, and we can see why when they follow on with further collections such as Prism wallcoverings and then another mini-series of sophisticated designer fabrics which include Quartz Velvets, Quartz Twill and Quartz Trimmings to support the success of Quartz Weaves and wallpapers from a while ago.



Rimini a wide width washable linen sheer further supports their catalogue, and supports their posistion close to the top within the designer fabric marketplace and furthers the company and its continued growth.

All fabrics and Zoffany wallpapers can be purchased through TM Interiors Limited, and we can of course assist you in your choices, along with offering a fully bespoke made to measure curtain and blind service as well as upholstery services. Please contact for any further information.



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