5 Painterly Floral Fabrics For Curtains

Published on: Jul 27 2016 by admin

5 Painterly Floral Fabrics For Curtains

Everyone know’s you can use a wide range of floral fabrics and wallpapers in interiors, but then it is all down to your individual preference.

You can select from the latest fresh colours that are around today in order to create a real contemporary look, or look to those old established traditional chintz fabrics for a more classic feel.

There are no real hard and fast rules using florals, or in fact anything in Interior Design these days. Well we like to think anything goes, but that is within reason of course.

The interior design world (including us) will tell you it is all about proportion and scale, or that is to say, establishing a relevant contrast of scale, so bear that in mind when choosing.

Floral Curtains

If you are going down the floral route collect enough floral fabric and wallpaper samples in order for you to get a full range of possibilities, and allow yourself time to reveal the best matches or pairings, for an adventurous interior floral scheme to emerge.

Here we thought we would present to you six painterly florals, that you may wish to consider in your home interior scheme, or simply as we present here, as a possible option for a pair of we like to call them custom curtains or roman blinds.

  • Designers Guild Floreale Grande Fabric

First up and let us just say if you haven’t see the new Designers Guild Jarden Des Plantes stop right there, click on that link, and go explore, some exquisite Painterly Florals right there.

That aside this one is actually their Designers Guild Floreale Grande fabric that we created for a single curtain for a client of ours in London. It was requested with no lining, and it turned out so well we actually completed a pair in the end! It was tricky pattern matching but we managed to do so from our photo of it hanging prior to dispatch.

Designers-Guild-Floreale-Grande Zinc-FDG2372-03

  • Sanderson Simi Fabric

Sanderson fabrics Simi design maybe a bit much for some, but we quite like it, from their Sanderson Agean collection a couple of years ago, we will leave you to decide.


Oh it’s also available as a rug if you didn’t know.


  • Romo Fabrics Saphira

Romo Fabrics Saphira is one of those that we don’t know anyone who doesn’t like this fabric when they see it.

A nice water colour (so maybe not painterly) that depicts a budding magnolia in a fusion of gentle pastels and neutrals with flashes of vibrant colours, digitally printed on a soft cotton-satin.


We love the design but if there was only one gripe from our professional curtain makers in our own in-house workroom, is that when creased it can be a job to ease out. It can be done…… so don’t let that put you off.

Anyway a great design from Romo Fabrics and a beautiful set of made to measure double pinch curtains, or so we like to think anyway, but as always, you be the judge.


The design has proved so popular that it later evolved into Saphira Embroidery an intricately embroidered on 100% linen found in their Romo Danton fabric collection.

  • Designers Guild Shanghai Garden Fabric

Alright yet another one from Designers Guild fabrics, but hey when they look this good why not.


So here is another great pair of custom made eyelet curtains using their Shanghai Garden fabric FDG2295-03, a beautiful print without question, which make for a stunning set of made to measure curtains. These are eyelet curtains of course and our pole in our showroom does not do them justice, nor does the photo.


Be warned incredibly large pattern repeat, so depending on your drop can be expensive, unless of course you want to opt for some stylish bespoke cushions from any wasteage, hey presto!


  • Linwood Fabrics Arcadia

Linwood fabrics are often understated when compared with some of the London Design houses, but the design and effect of the Arcadia fabric is fantastic in our own humble opinion, and is something we would love to make a pair of curtains from.


It has evaded us so far so if you are in the process of looking for a company to produce some custom curtains of the highest standard in this fabric then please consider our services.

So there you go, have we solved a problem, nope! Probably created one, as if your reading this you could be left confused with the choices of painterly floral fabrics around….. we have missed out many.

If you are looking for a quality assured curtains online then look no further. If you are local to the areas of Peterborough, Cambridge, Stamford, Oakham, Oundle, Rutland, Uppingham and everywhere in-between, plus in around Linconshire and Cambridgeshire, aswell as London, we can assist with either curtain, and or design services.

If you are in a need a full design service, or just a freshen up (even the cloonies do it apparently – style magazine on sunday) then please consider our services with over 35 years in the profession we can help you in your choices and selections.

If in any doubt of our friendly and helpful service, please head over to our houzz page or our reviews.co.uk page for testimonials and comments, and don’t hesitate to call.

Our old testimonials including letters dating back to 1975 can be found here, and the company remains the same.

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