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Styling with Flock Wallpaper

Styling with Flock Wallpaper

Flock wallpaper has been adorning our walls for centuries, but there are now more designs and choices than ever before, ranging from modern contemporary designs, childrens flock wallpapers, all over flock wallpapers to the more traditional damask flock wallpapers. Check out these flock wallpapers and see for yoursefl why flock wallpaper is increasingly popular. 

Flock Wallpaper A Timeless Style Classic

You might not even know it, but flock wallpaper is back. The pattern that was so popular in the 1950s and 1970s and has seen a revival in recent years, and many homes are getting the retro look. It’s no surprise, though. Flock wallpaper is chic, stylish, and timeless. You can find it in homes of all different styles, from traditional to modern. But why do people love flock wallpaper so much?

Flock wallpaper has always been known for its simple design and its ability to work with any color palette; this makes it an easy way to bring the past into the future. Now you too can try out this trend by learning about how to properly style your home with this chic pattern!



Flock Wallpaper Papyrus from Romo Black Edition

Abstract Flock Wallpaper

A trending style in flock wallpaper is abstract flock wallpapers, in this range of luxurious wallpapers the flock wallpaper picks out the detail in an abstract design creating visually stunnning tactile backdrops to any room. The result is a modern contemporary style which is accentuated by the flock wallpaper rather than the making the flock itself be the dominant style.

Luxury fashion house, Missoni, released this fantastic flock wallpaper, Fiamma, as part of their Missoni Home 2 Collection of wallpapers. The fiamma design resembles flowing water or wood grain adding a subtle abstract design which does not overpower the room.  

Luxury Flock Wallpaper Fiamma from Missoni Home

Utsuro Glacier Wallpaper from Romo Black Edition

This beautiful abstract flock wallpaper features an abstract treescape, available in five colourways, is inspired by Japanese artist, Katsutoshi Yuasa's woodblock prints. The fine linear appearance combines to give an almost velvet touch. 

Otoko Flock Wallpaper from Romo Black Edition

Another fantastic abstract flock wallpaper from Romo Black Edition is Otoko. Available in four colourways this flock is a sophisticated pattern of swirled at times interlocking circles giving a sense of drama and movement. 

Geometric Flock Wallpaper

Another contemporary take on flock wallpapers are geometric flock wallpapers. Similar to the abstract wallpapers above, picking a geometric flock wallpaper keeps the flock look up to date and modern, whilst adding anotehr dimension to the geometric design. Prisma wallpaper, shown below in a vibrant red, from HookedOnWalls has a very contemporary ultra modern look. 

Geometric Flock Wallpaper Prisma from HookedOnWalls


As an alternative for a classic contemporary style with a softer look, Missoni Home, offer a flock wallpaper version of their classic chevron Zig-Zag design. Available in an impressive 15 colourways there is a colour for every room, but for subtler styling we recommend the cream colourway shown below.


Geometric Flock Wallpaper Zig-Zag from Missoni Home


Animal Print Flock Wallpaper


Animal fur designs are a timeless pattern for interiors, these visually interesting designs can be used to evoke the spirit of the animal or to transport you to far away lands, they are also a perfect match for flock wallpapers. The naturally tactile flock can soften the design as well as adding depth ensuring the design captures the changing light and shadows of the room. As well as classic tiger prints and leopard prints, you can also find giraffe and zebra print flock wallpapers. 

Below are four fabulous current animal print flock wallpapers. From left to right they are:

  • Bartlett Zebra from Ralph Lauren - a stylish zebra flock wallpaper from Ralph Lauren's signature penthouse collection,
  • Sundra Flock Wallpaper from GP & J Baker - a sophisticated giraffe flock wallpaper,
  • Tiger Flock Wallpaper from Thibaut - a stylish tiger flock wallpaper available in three colourways , and
  • Small Zebra Flock Wallpaper from Neisha Crosland - a contemporary geometric zebra flock wallpaper.
Ralph Lauren Bartlett Zebra flock wallpaper in chocolateRalph Lauren Bartlett Zebra flock wallpaper in chocolate
Ralph Lauren Bartlett Zebra wallpaper
GP & J Baker Sundra flock wallpaperGP & J Baker Sundra flock wallpaper
GP & J Baker Sundra flock wallpaper
Thibaut Tiger flock wallpaperThibaut Tiger flock wallpaper
Thibaut Tiger flock wallpaper
Neisha Crosland Small Zebra flock wallpaperNeisha Crosland Small Zebra flock wallpaper
Neisha Crosland Small Zebra Flock


Childrens Flock Wallpaper

Whilst flock wallpaper may not be your first choice for childrens's rooms there are some fun-filled flock wallpapers which we think fit the bill perfectly like this wonderul penguin flock wallpaper from Andrew Martin. Designed by Holly Frean for Andrew Martin the wallpaper includes a fine metallic flock to create a touch of sparkle.


Childrens Flock Wallpaper Emperor Frost from Andrew MartinChildrens Flock Wallpaper Emperor Frost from Andrew Martin
Childrens Flock Wallpaper Emperor Frost from Andrew Martin flatshotChildrens Flock Wallpaper Emperor Frost from Andrew Martin flatshot

Botanical Flock Wallpaper

Botanical wallpapers have continued to thrive and grow  in popularity throughout the past few years as we have all yearned to get in touch with nature and this trend looks set to continue this year. There is something special about combining the sensorous tactile nature of flock wallpaper with botanical inspired designs, a worthy substitute for running your fingers through the leaves. Just take a look at this fabulous Fanfare Flock wallpaper from Cole & Son. 

Fanfare Flock a Botanical Flock Wallpaper from Cole & Son

For a contemporary botanical flock wallpaper with a geometric design try Feather Park wallpaper from Christian Lacroix, this stunning design inspired by formal french gardens is also available as a fabric and rug. 

Contemporary Botanical Flock Wallpaper Feather Park by Christian Lacroix


Traditional Flock Wallpapers with a Contemporary Twist

If you are looking for a  flock wallpaper with traditional styling then it is worth considering damask flock wallpaper, striped flock wallpapers as well as silhoutte and motif wallpapers. These timeless designs naturally lend themselves to flock wallpapers, but in amoungst these traditional designs you will also find contemporary interpretations and updates, with metallic bases, contemporary colours, and modern motifs.


Traditional Damask Flock Wallpaper Fioravanti from Designers GuildTraditional Damask Flock Wallpaper Fioravanti from Designers Guild
Fioravanti Flock wallpaper from Designers Guild, a sumptuous damask flock with contemporary colours.
Contemporary Flock Wallpaper Faune by HookedOnWallsContemporary Flock Wallpaper Faune by HookedOnWalls
Motif Traditional Flock Wallpaper Fauna by HookedOnWalls


This is just a small sample of the fantastic flock wallpapers currently on offer. We think you will agree flock wallpaper is back and better than ever! There's no denying that flock wallpaper is bold and unique and it's easy to see why this pattern has been making a comeback, so embrace the trend and use flock for a bold, modern look.