Metallic Fabrics In Home Interiors

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Not even three months into the new year, and we are already talking about glitters and metallics. Don’t worry, you can keep your Christmas decorations in the closet, because by following the latest interior design trends, you will be able to use glitter on a whole new level in your home. Experts agree that architects, and designers from some of the major luxury fabric companies like Rubelli, Pierre Frey, Dedar, Lelievre, Elitis, and Chivasso are all currently, or have been in recent times, impacted and inspired by the fashion in the sixties and the seventies. Periods that shone with metallics, so maybe you can be inspired to add a touch of liveliness to your home and embrace the shimmer beyond the festive season in this 2018 year by perhaps using a metallic fabric, or gold thread of sorts.


If you follow the new 2018 collections closely, you will notice that the high-end Italian textile house of Rubelli launched their Rubelli Venezia Aurum Fabric.

The international fabric house manufactures the fabric Aurum by incorporating weaves of pure gold on silk using tradtional craftmanship. As they stated, this was an inspiration by the traditional Venetian “Tiraoro”, an artisan who made clothing, jewelry, and textiles of gold yarn.

While no doubt a look new to some, other brands such as Elitis, Sahco and Ulf Moritz will have had collections out pre 2018, but another brand following suit this year is the French Fabric brand of Lelievre with their Riviera Fabrics Inspired by summer in the south of France the range has touches of metallic elements, and touches of golden thread that give subtle life to the designs, running throughout the range, such as:

Camargue where the softness of its wool composition is lovingly mixed with precious gold to create a constellation of lights on the surface of a set of luxury curtains using a perfect drop. Garrigue has an embossed design and is an interpretation of the plants and minerals encountered during walks on wild and arid trails. The gold that delicately accentuates this fabric in a soft loop thread echoes the colours of the Mediterranean sunshine. Madrague, is a luxury curtain fabric that has a linen mesh that has been interwoven with golden thread to great effect. This particular fabric is inspired by traditional fishing nets. A unique fabric for curtains or narrow Roman blinds


A luxrious curtain backdrop using Lelievre Camargue Fabric.


Enhance the appearance of seating using upholstery fabrics with gold thread.


Luminous golden thread enriches this net curtain for added sophistication.

The Lelievre Marquis fabric design stands above the rest from the Rivera collection though, a stunning and lively botanical-inspired tapestry that has been enriched with gold highlight.  A truly luxury upholstery fabric, where mediterranean plants flourish on a cotton weave with bright colours, and ennobled by touches of golden thread.


All of these innovations in luxury textiles and the interior design industry have been made possible by the outbreaks in technology. The technology that enables for gold to be transformed into yarn and then incorporated into the desired fabric and material. As well as applications of special patterns and finishes due to modern printing methods such as 3D printing.

If you remember last year’s Dedar’s collection of linen called Cosmic Confetti, you will know what type of 3D printing we are talking about. Namely that linen fabric that got everyone on their feet was dotted with golden and silver spots, carefully applied using the latest 3D printing techniques. However, experts agree that designers this time are using this improved techniques with greater control and sophistication. There is nothing too sharp on the eye, only an improved, subtle approach to design with gold, silver highlights. How, well these luxury fabric brands have successfully done this by mixing these eye-catching glitters with matt yarns, which soothes the overall effect. Going for a more oxidized look, softer on the eye, instead of strong glitter, is the key this time around.

Dedar Cosmic Confetti

Dedar Cosmic Confetti, blue design

Additionally, leather fabrics also follow this lustrous trend. They have been given a brand new transformation so now wall panels are found in versions of gold, silver, and in rich bronze. While these are great-looking wall panels, experts advise caution when using them, because subtlety is still the key. The over usage of any of these can push your interior a step too far because matt and brushed metal are still more preferred. Just remember, small accents can make a real difference when used carefully. Use these golden and silver as finishing touches to your furniture, your decorative elements and to your objet d’art.

For those of you starting from scratch and decorating your place on your own, we suggest using these shiny materials in bespoke furniture. This way you can ensure that you have got all control when it comes to the over or under usage of golden/silver finishes. Keep in mind that you can mix metallics among themselves too, a trend that has been continuing for some years now. For instance, copper and bronze go very well together if matched on a darker base. And as for gold and silver, they also can be combined together, but this time on a brighter base like cream or pale blue.

Where can I buy designer fabric?

Lelievre Maquis Agave Fabric

Lelievre Maquis Agave Fabric

If you are in the market for expensive upholstery fabric, or luxury curtain fabrics online then be sure to browse our online fabric shop. We have the largest variety of these high end, deluxe curtain and upholstery fabrics to make your interior truly golden or whatever metallic finish you require.

Just remember when picking the right product from the vast collection of the major fabric companies that we hold, in most cases you should only be using metallics as highlights to a scheme.

These luxurious fabrics give a touch of extravagance and richness that are best done in a way that whispers, not shouts.

So explore fabric companies like Lelievre, Rubelli, and Dedar, and throw some gold at your home interior while making sure to do it in a way that is both subtle and sophisticated.

Metallic Fabrics In Home Interiors
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Metallic Fabrics In Home Interiors
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