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How to Style a Children's Bedroom

How to Style a Children's Bedroom

Styling a childrens room is one of the most fun projects you can do, in this blog we take a look at some of the latest fabric and wallpaper collections designed for children. With everything from playful fabrics suitable for younger children though to contemporary wallpaper murals suitable for older children's rooms. 

How to Style a Children's Bedroom

Creating a great bedroom space for your children is important. You can make it more fun and playful, or calm and soothing, depending on what you need to do the most with your kids. If you're looking for some inspiration on how to style your child's bedroom, this guide will provide you with tips on how to get started. From color schemes to bedding, cute furniture pieces, and more, read this guide to find out how to create the perfect space for your little one.


Childrens Room in Borastapeter Magic Forest Wallpaper

Borastapeter Childrens Room Wallpaper Newbie Collection


Make it a Family Project

Kids want to have a bedroom that is just for them, where they can feel young and free. To make the project a success involve them in the design and decorating process, it will make them enthusiastic and allow them to stamp their own sense of style. 

Book of Little Treasures Childrens Wallpaper from Harlequin

For younger children why not start by asking them to draw their room, you may be surprised by the enthusiasm and design features they add, you might not be able to create the secret tunnels, revolving bookcases and magic elements they add but you may have a keepsake you can treasure.

For older children encourage them to create a moodboard, ask them to look through magazines and cut out objects which interest them, to print images from websites, to choose colours and textures which they like and to sketch a map of the floorplan. 

Childrens Room Moodboard from Casadeco

As long as children understand it is a design process and not every detail may be added involving them in the desing process and decision making can add to the fun.


Choosing a Colour Scheme

Decorating childrens rooms brings creative freedom, its a chance to break away from some of the design rules you have for the rest of the house. If we have one top tip its to style the room for the child not the home. 

The best way to find out what colors work best for you and your children is to think about their interests and how they will use the room. What types of activities will they be doing in there? You can also use colours to change the mood of the room. Do they need help getting their energy out? Or do they need help relaxing? Once you've answered these questions, you can choose your colors accordingly!

For younger children, you can make their space fun and lively by incorporating colours that are bright and happy. These colors will bring energy to the room, even if it's a calming space. Harlequin have some wonderfully colourful childens wallpapers in their Book of Little Treasures collection, each one themed around children's interests.

Harlequin Childrens Wallpapers Just Keep Trucking


You can also decorate with furniture pieces that are playful, like a large toy chest or dresser painted in bright colors. This will give your child plenty of options for where to put their things.

A top tip is to keep most of the walls neutral and to inject colour with a feature wall, this way you can have the best of both worlds: a style which reflects your child's interests and a room which is easy to change as the children grow older.


Add Some Fun

Kids need a space to let loose and play, but they also need a place to retreat when they need to calm down. That's why it makes sense to design their bedroom in a way that will offer both: a playful space and a calming space. 

Wall murals can be a great way to inject fun into the room, with beach scenes, fairgrounds, circuses and more. 

Above and Below Childrens Wallpaper Mural from Harlequin

Adding furniture pieces such as animal-themed beds or chairs can also help create the desired atmosphere in your child's bedroom. Let them pick out their favorite animals so they know where they can go for some peace and quiet time!

Fun Childrens Furniture styled with Charlie Wallpaper from Borastapeter

 If you're looking for other ways to create a fun bedroom space, explore the following ideas:

- Paint one wall with blackboard paint and mount some cheap picture frames on it - for the children to fill with their own drawings.

- Add plants to bring nature into the room

- Create a picture wall with framed art from your children, portraits or other keepsakes

- Fill the room with lots of pillows and cosy blankets


Children's Wallpapers

There are some truly stunning childrens wallpapers whether you want to cover all the walls or just a feature wall you will be spoilt for choice. If you are looking for a starting point, then for younger children some of the standout wallpaper brands include:

  • Borastapeter and Sandberg - both of these brands are known for producing beautiful nordic inspired childrens designs which take inspiration from Nordic culture, fairytales and wildlife. 

Borastapeter Forest Friends Mural Wallpaper

  • Andrew Martin -has a range of mural and feature wall wallpapers which invite children on a journey of discovery to far away and magical lands, like the Wizard of Oz map below.

Wizard of Oz Wallpaper Mural from Andrew Martin

  • Eijfinger - produce charming childrens wallpaper designs in wonderful pastel and muted tones

Mini Me Wallpaper Collection from Eijfinger

  • Osborne & Little - who offer a delightful collection of wallpapers invoking a world of imagination in mild colours pefect for nurseries and younger childrens rooms

Osborne & Little Childrens Wallpaper Quentins Menagerie from the Zagazoo Collection

  • Sanderson - offer an extensive and wonderful mix of playful and vibrant childrens wallpaper designs including this simple but stylish Two-by-Two wallpaper.

Two by Two Wallpaper from Sanderson

As children grow up there are even more possibilities for wallpapers, for an original space for teens why not have them checkout some of the fabulously funky wallpapers from Mind the Gap or new start up brand OhPopsi. But you should find wallpapers suitable for teenager bedrooms from any of the leading wallpaper brands, if you are not sure where to start consider searching for some of the following styles:

  • Trending styles - wallpaper designs follow the same trends and styles as other fashion, so search for whatever is trending and you should find some stylish wallpapers to choose from. Pineapples and flamingos have been as popular in wallpapers as they have in fashion and design over the last couple of years, one of our favourites is this Vintage Flamingo wallpaper from Sanderson

Flamingos Vintage Wallpapers 2 from Sanderson

  • Architectural wallpapers - sketch based designs with inspiring drawings and locations look great in teenage bedrooms

Architectural Wallpaper for Teenager Rooms Augustus Storm from Andrew Martin

  • Interesting Murals - from chalk boards, like the one below from Andrew Martin, to engineering designs, murals are a great way to bring inspiration and interest. 

Andrew Martin Xaway Oxford Charcoal Wallpaper

  • Maps - maps are an ever popular wallpaper choice, choose from classic vintage wallpapers to modern neon maps like this one from Sandberg.

World Map Mural from Sandberg

  • Textile wallpapers - textile wallpapers would add a unique feel and design to any room, but your children may be surprised at the sheer variety of wallcoverings available. Almost any fabric can be found in wallpaper form from stonewashed denim to fine silks, from suedes to linens. The stylish Indigo Macaquee wallpaper from Arte, shown below, would make a fantastic feature wall.

Denim Wallcovering for Teenage Bedroom Indigo Macaque from Arte



Selecting the Right Furniture

Choosing the right furniture for your child's bedroom is important. You want to make sure that your child is safe and comfortable when in their room, and that the furniture you choose complements the rest of the decor.

Childrens Furniture with Forest Friends Wallpaper from Borastapeter

Furniture can be one of the most difficult things to purchase for a child's room. There are so many options when it comes to children's furniture, and it can be difficult to find the right piece. A few helpful tips when shopping for children's furniture:

  • Find out what size bed your child needs. This will help you know what size bed frame you need to buy.
  • Consider matching colors with other items in your kids' bedroom, such as their bedding or rug.
  • Look for pieces that have storage space underneath them or within them, like drawers or shelves. You'll need this extra space if you plan on storing anything in their room! 
  • Think about the different zones in the room too, a desk space can be a useful area for children of all ages. 

One of our favourite pieces of childrens furniture is this fabulous dolls house cabinet from Andrew Martin.

Childrens Furniture Dolls Cabinet from Andrew Martin


Creating A Calm And Soothing Space

If you're looking to create a calm and soothing space for your child, there are a few things to consider.

Off-white is one of the best colours for creating a neutral and calming atmosphere, whilst pure white can work but there is a risk it can be too bright especially if your lamps or lights have a blue hue rather than a yellow one.  When you're decorating your child's bedroom with an off-white colour, try to stick with darker colors as accent pieces or details. They will still provide color without being overwhelming or distracting from the main theme of tranquility.

Calming Off-White With Blaklocka Wallpaper from Borastapeter

Blue is a popular choice for a calming color, it is can be useful for a child who has trouble sleeping or needs help relaxing while playing in their room. You could also go with neutrals, browns or lighter greens to create a more earthy calming space.

Calming Blue Childrens Room Using Polar Wallpaper from Borastapeter

Once you have your colour scheme for a calming space, start by adding soft textures into the room to make it feel warm and inviting. A fuzzy rug under your child's bed is perfect for this! You can also use throws and cushions to layer soft textures.

For the best sleep environment, it's also important to choose peaceful lighting. You can achieve this by installing blackout curtains (we have a fabulous range of children's fabrics which can be made into blackout curtains or blinds), you can also hang canopies over the bed.

Childrens Bedroom with Borastapeter Wallpaper



There is a lot of thought that goes into designing a children’s bedroom for your little one. But it doesn’t have to be hard. Getting started is easy with a little preparation and knowing your child’s interests. Once you know the basics of what you are looking for, the fun part is finding the perfect pieces to fit your child’s needs.

Start by choosing a color scheme. Some children prefer bright colors while others would rather have different shades of the same color. Decide on a color scheme that fits with your child’s interests and personality.

Next, decide on the right furniture for your child. You will want to make sure there are plenty of storage options for clothes, toys and bedding. It is also important to choose furniture that is durable and has a versatile design so it will last through any future changes to your child’s bedroom.

Decorating with fun can be done in many ways, but the best way is just to have fun with it! A playful space can be created by adding whimsical items, toys, books or even artwork that matches the theme of the room. When decorating with fun, you will want to choose items that are