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Villa Nova Fabrics

Villa Nova Fabrics, stands as a lively brand embodying the philosophy of crafting modern and adaptable fabrics, wallcoverings, and accessories tailored to fit the pace of contemporary living. Their internal design studio cultivates an environment of innovation and inspiration, producing design concepts that look towards the future. These unique designs emerge in a colour palette that stays true to current trends, exhibiting a profound understanding of aesthetic appeal and innovation. Each collection from Villa Nova serves as a testimony to their unwavering commitment to style and creativity.

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Explore the wonderful world of Villa Nova textiles with three of their recent and captivating collections - Reverie, Kyra Cane, and Still Life. Each collection unveils a different layer of artistic depth, showcasing designs that breathe life into any room. The Reverie collection is like a daydream brought to life on fabric. It showcases sheer designs with full blooms bathed in light and landscapes depicted in lush vegetation. Splashy, inky floral prints and energetic leaf trails are interspersed with abstract patterns that mimic rippling water. The embroidery is striking, with eruptions of unexpected colour providing an optimistic freshness that brings delight and luminosity to any decor scheme. This collection is perfect for Villa Nova made to measure curtains, offering a broad spectrum of creative decorating possibilities. The Kyra Cane collection is the product of a creative collaboration with potter Kyra Cane. The range of textiles encapsulates the wildness of landscapes, abstract patterns, and pastel drawings of tree-lined and grassy horizons. The soft fluid sheers and textured weaves with a subtle wash of colour beautifully capture the energy of the potter's wheel and brush marks. This collection is ideal for those looking to bring a dynamic, artistic touch to their spaces with Villa Nova curtain fabric. Lastly, the Still Life collection embodies the beauty of everyday objects and kitchen garden foliage, painted in expressive designs and sketches. This collection is deeply satisfying, with its organic, natural feel enhanced by a soft colour washed print with a feathery fringe and a rustic style print inspired by a study of hand stitching. The Villa Nova velvet range from this collection is particularly alluring, bringing joy, contentment, and clarity of thought to the home. At TM Interiors, we offer an array of additional made to measure services, such as curtains, blinds, and upholstery, as well as design advice on the use of Villa Nova's collections. We aim to assist our clients in interior design and decoration of their homes or projects, helping them to realise their creative vision with bespoke solutions. Let us help you transform your spaces with the stunning collections from Villa Nova.