How To Hang Wide-Width Wallpaper Video Guide

Another how to hang wallpaper video, provided by Lewis and Wood focusing on how to hang wide width wallpaper. Wide width wallpaper is different to the standard width of wallpaper in the UK which is 52cm. Initially wallpaper that was sold on the roll, above 52cms, around 68-70 cm was (and still is) labelled as wide width, but as times change in some instances it is now possible to buy roll sizes 10m x 1m wide. Generally, wallpaper that is approx. 90-100 cm, or 130-140 cm wide, is normally sold by the meter though.

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Hanging Instructions For Wide Width Wallcoverings

  1. Prepare the walls in the normal way.
  2. Cross line the walls with at least 1,000 grade lining paper.
  3. Decide on the starting point in the room & plumb a line for the first drop or draw a feint vertical guide line. (Be aware that marks on the lining paper may show through the pale background papers. It is advisable to test first).
  4. Measure the length of the first drop adding sufficient excess top & bottom to allow for trimming. Take into account that variations in floor & ceiling level could occur.
  5. Cut & number the drops required.
  6. Paste the wall, ensuring generous & even coverage of the area to be covered by the first drop, paying particular attention to the edges, the top & the bottom.
  7. To hang the first drop, press it onto the pasted wall along the top. Keeping the rest of the paper off the wall align the edge of the paper to the vertical guide line. Once in position use a plastic spatula to smooth the paper downwards & outwards, removing all air bubbles. Trim top & bottom.
  8. Paste the required area & hang the second drop overlapping the edge of the first drop by approx. 20mm, to match the pattern. Secure the rest of the paper as before.
  9. Cut through the centre of the overlap with a very sharp blade using a metal edge as a guide. Ensure metal cutting guide is appropriate for the wall surface. We recommend a short edge that is pliable enough to mould to the wall.
  10. Pull away the 2 strips of paper, flap back the edges & re-paste. Press edges back into position to form a perfect join. Now trim top & bottom.

Please ensure: 

Wipe any paste off surface of the wall covering with a damp cloth. 
Ensure cutting blade is always sharp.

Wide Width wallpaper can sometimes be more expensive when compared with standard width wallpaper, however if you compare standard printed wallpapers one with a 52cm width to a wide-width 68-70cm printed roll there may not be that much difference in overall cost. Wide width wallpapers that are sold by the meter, allow manufacturers to produce high end luxury wallcoverings made from textiles, textures, and using the latest print production techniques with metallic foils and highlights. As the wallpaper is sold by the meter it allows the consumer to order only exactly what they need, therefore save on wastage and ultimately cost.

TM Interiors would always recommend you seek the advice of a professional decorator or the person hanging the wallpaper, as we cannot be held responsible for any issues that may arise from following these guides or information on our website.

If you need to work out how much wallpaper do I need when using wide width wallpapers then see our
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