Zoffany Palladio Wallpaper

Zoffany Palladio Wallpapers Volume I for Zoffany is a stunningly insightful compendium of wallcoverings, featuring designs handpicked by Robert and Roger Nicholson, the creative duo behind Palladio's initial launch 65 years ago. Majoring in variety and building an everlasting archive, Palladio's mid-century origins brought the beauty of art to public spaces, adorning municipal interiors with dramatic, large-scale motifs. Continuing Palladio's ethos of identifying new talent, Zoffany is thrilled to introduce Sam Wilde, a graduate of the Royal College of Art whose striking design, Precarious Pangolins features in this collection. Chosen for his artistry, modernity and passion for the environment, Sam's dynamic approach mirrors that of the Nicholsons' mid-century choices. Buy the full range of Zoffany Wallpapers online.

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