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Pure Morris North Wallpapers

The Pure Morris North Wallpapers collection invites a journey into the dramatic landscapes of Iceland, which deeply inspired William Morris, a key influencer of the Arts & Crafts and Scandi styles. This collection is by Morris & Co., an iconic brand known for its high-quality designs and innovative use of patterns. The wallpaper collection is steeped in ten magnificent designs, each offering a unique perspective of Morris's treasured Icelandic adventures. Utilizing the elemental hues of White Clover, Stormy Grey, and Faded Sea Pink, these wallpapers effectively encapsulate the calm and majesty of the northern wilderness. Among these designs, each piece offers a unique tale of its own, delicately painted in a mica finish that subtly catches the light, casting soft silhouettes around your space. With the Pure Morris North Wallpapers collection, Morris & Co. offer a remarkable interpretation of natural elements, presenting them in an exquisite blend of pattern, style and colour. Explore this collection and invite the serenity and profound beauty of the North into your home.

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The Pure Morris North Wallpaper range are inspired by the diary entries from William Morris’s Icelandic expedition in 1871 and have captured the hearts of the Morris and Co. design studio, resulting in ten wallpaper designs. Well-loved archive designs have been carefully reworked to reflect the colours of Morris’s Icelandic Journal, with gentle mica finishes and metallic highlights. Designs like Pure Bachelors Button are available in two choice colour ways faded Sea Pink and calming Grey Blue and taking inspiration from medieval wall murals the design has been enlarged in scale and painted it in the style of medieval frescos with dramatic effect. Another classic Morris design Pure Pimpernel retains all the detail and rhythm of the original Morris design from 1876 while at the same time creating a totally different look as the design has been enlarged in scale and repainted in soft watercolour tones on a textural ground as though painted as a mural on lime plaster (fresco) ideal for Scandi inspired interiors we think. The design of Thistle allows the use of chalky white beading and stony grit effects which are in combination with modern greys and subtle metallic finishes to bring a classic to life. Pure Scroll has been refined by removing the daisy motif from the original pattern and simplifying the scrolling leaf motifs, to create a refined design that has a smart and contemporary feel, which is available in four colourways but with textured as all been printed with grit particles. Pure Fruit, also available in four colourways, and one of the earliest and most well-loved of William Morris's designs, has been carefully reworked with the design elements simplified, re spaced and refined the beautiful opaque and chalky quality of the inks used enhance the character of the original document. So be sure to explore these designs which capture the tenacity of dramatic landscapes reaching to soft misty shores, as the delicate watercolour tones of Pure Morris North meet with the gentle mica finishes and metallic highlights of the collection's ten stunning wallpaper designs.