Thibaut Woven 10 Menagerie Fabric

Thibaut Woven 10 Menagerie Fabrics
Thibaut Woven 10: Menagerie is a woven resource collection of luxurious, frame-ready Animal Print fabrics featuring zebra, tiger, cheetah, and giraffe skin patterns. Animal prints have been a popular choice for accessorizing for many centuries, and even in recent times because their organic shapes are neutral and mix well with other patterns. Designs have improved considerably as the years have passed and the Thibaut Menagerie Fabric range is proof of that. This collection contains a range of interesting small to large scale designs paired with striking colours like peacock blue, scarlet red, charcoal grey, sandy linen, and native black and brown. A glorious velvets in the form of Etosha Velvet and others. While all patterns meet demanding performance standards for durability, there are four patterns in the Menagerie collection engineered with the high-performance, stain-resistant capabilities of Crypton Home and they are the designs of Gazelle, Zamira, Citra, and Masai. Some of the fabrics are Velvet, Cut Velvet or linen print.
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