Romo Black Edition Wallpaper

From the imaginative and diverse collection of Xanthina wallcoverings first added to the Romo Black Edition Wallpaper label several years ago, to the latest Zafaro wallcoverings where dramatic artistry with striking patterns and colours combines with intricate detail on these latest designs. The Black Edition by Romo employs a variety of innovative techniques across the ranges include digital prints, flocking, beads, and metallic effects all on non-woven grounds with some stunning designs to make this label a real luxury brand in the designer wallpaper market. Explore the brilliant Jessica Zoob Desire collection from the artist in 2014, and the more recent sophisticated collection of Astratto wallcoverings. Launched in 2016 the Iroko Wallcoverings is a range of luxury vinyl wallcoverings that features an array of innovative designs all with a unique embossed finish that add depth and movement to the intricate designs in a sophisticated palette of rich, metallic tones to further enhance the patterns. In 2017 Herbaria Wallpapers were launched another embossed vinyl wallpaper range comprising of striking prints and patterns taken from the Herbaria fabric collection of the same name, to create a collection of sophisticated, textural designs. In 2019 the Mizumi Wallpaper range is launched which is a range of high-end wallcoverings that has been thought out through a harmonious collaboration with Japanese artist Katsutoshi Yuasa, where they have both embarked on an exploration of time-honoured Japanese printmaking practises where traditional and contemporary techniques intertwine.

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