Harlequin Atelier Fabric

Harlequin Atelier Fabrics
Harlequin Atelier Fabrics designed in house by the Style Library studio, a collection of from an overview indistinct prints, but at a close look these prints take inspiration from the techniques used in mid-century pottery studios. A variety of shapes combine with stylish colours and painted glaze effects to create a compendium of statement designs. Atelier fabric, drawn by hand, took its design inspiration from a by a vintage scarf from the 1970's, and it displays bold geometric textural shapes that are coloured in confident tones, available in three colour options. Bodega is also a luxurious geometric weave that displays a lovely texture as its iridescent elements shimmer in the light, with an almost cubist feel. Exuberance from Harlequin is an abstract floral originally designed on corrugated paper to create a lined look, and this designer fabric is printed on a luxurious satin and displays a wonderful high sheen. While as a sheer fabric Minako introduces an element of drama with as a wide-width sheer voile, that has overlapping inkwork that is layered to create a stunning landscape theme. So in their words a collection of glamourous yet considered, sharing its studio style with a 1970's fashion vibe, as oversized foliage and flamboyant geo patterns sit alongside the textures and brush marks created by traditional ceramic painting methods. Explore these prints online and consider the Hamanda Weave collection for perfect upholstery fabrics to compliment.
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