Zoffany Prism Wallcoverings Wallpaper

For the Zoffany Prism Wallpaper collection, the brand has developed new embosses with multi-directional light reflective qualities. These four vinyl wallcovering designs are coloured in a palette that ranges from quartz tones to soft minerals, through to new metallic and introducing anthracite. The lead design and name of collection, Prism, epitomises urban, modernist design of the 20th century with its multi-faceted construction gives a nod to cubism, that is available in six colours from bold multi-coloured, through to soft tones of azure, glass, and pearl. While another of the four designs Hexa has been cleverly engineered to maximise the effect of the light reflective qualities of the emboss, and this crosshatch design is made up of very fine lines which run in alternate directions. It leaves Mousseux to capture the sparkle of champagne, as this new heavy duty emboss with its deep impression is inspired by textured papers from the archive and is available in an extensive palette of 15 colours. All these hard-wearing washable wallpapers are produced in Zoffany’s sister factory in the UK and are suitable for both domestic and contract interiors. Zoffany have made a name for themselves with their designer range of fabulous, textural, vinyl wallcoverings which have an aesthetic very much suited to contemporary, chic, urban living.

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