Zoffany Arden Wallpaper

Arden Wallpapers by Melissa White from Zoffany is said to be a collection of their celebrated patterns reintroduced with the use of modern print techniques for use in modern houses. The Zoffany wallpaper featured in the Arden Wallpaper collection blends Melissa White's Elizabethan painting replicating skills by hand and Zoffany's innovative printing methods and expertise to create a fairly traditional looking Zoffany wallpaper collection. Verdure is based on a late 17th Century Cloth and if you like that arts and crafts look or the William Morris wallpapers then be sure to consider this range. Fairfax is block print of a renaissance design so very classical, Filigree a trompe loeil creating a motif wallpaper, as is Sussex Sprig with its delicate medieval textile motif. Saffron Walden an Elizabethan scrolling pattern which looks great combined with the Saffron Walden wallpaper border. Finally, a stripe in the shape of Merchant House, and floral wallpaper Mille Fleurs. This collection of zoffany wallpaper is designed to work with the Arden fabric range released at the same time. Why not consider Zoffany rugs if you are selecting from their product portfolio.

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