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Zoffany Akita Vinyl WallPapers

With a peaceful nod to Japanese craftwork and garden design, the Akita Wallpaper Collection marries the artistry of hand-woven kimonos, ceramic glazes, and origami patterns with the organic allure of natural patterns found in water and pebbles. With a diverse color palette that includes Linen, Ochre, Linden Green, Grey Blue, and Ivory, and highlighted with Rust and Fig, the Akita collection brings a harmonious sense of elegance to contemporary interiors.

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The Akita Vinyl wallpaper collection by Zoffany are enthused by Japanese Gardens and craftwork including ceramic glazes, hand-woven kimonos and origami, incorporates their core elements to create chic, new designs of textured wallpaper. To offer variety, this designer wallpaper, comes in a range of hues including Ochre, Grey Blue, Linden Green, Ivory and soft Linen with Fig and Rust strokes. Some interesting textured wallpaper is seen with Umi to recreate the look of light reflecting on water, Mitsu with its exploding mosaic motif, Polished Concrete and its texture of walls roughly plastered. An interesting striped wallpaper from Zoffany is Sisal Stripe where subtle variations of yarn create a somewhat irregular stripe that can be hung horizontal or vertical for effect and it is an embossed wallpaper to give emphasis to the texture. The final two designs Wild Silk and Peat finish the collection of vinyl wallpapers from Zoffany and what a stunning collection of textured wallpaper this really is, with enough colour variation to provide options for your walls.