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Thibaut Grasscloth Resource Volume 4

Grasscloth Resource Volume 4 enhances Thibaut's natural wallcovering offerings with superior woven grasses, fine sisal, raffia and paper weaves. Some patterns have unique treatments like dynamic prints and embellishments. With the addition of 14 new colourways of Shang Extra Fine Sisal, the collection now offers 66 sumptuous hues. Explore Thibaut Piedmont wallcovering which is a truly stunning printed large-scale chevron in multi-colour layers where a hint of metallic shines through from the ground., that sits alongside other great designs like the Beverly Hills wallcovering which is a paper weave woven in a classic small scale geometric pattern that is a derivative of an Eye of God. Stripes are represented by Canyon wallcovering which is a contemporary horizontal print on top of a rustic grass cloth. The bold and sophisticated palette combined with striking textures makes these wallcoverings a natural beauty, providing a depth and dimension that is unmatched.

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