Sanderson Papavera Wallpapers

Sanderson Wallpapers Papavera is a collection of invigorating and refreshing wallpapers. This vivacious collection presents modern abstract interpretations of natural forms, created using the technique of stencil cuts, chosen by the Sanderson studio for their engaging simplicity and then combined with dynamic colour combinations to great effect. Contemporary interpretations of poppies (for which Papavera is the Latin) and other floral motifs sit alongside smaller scale geometric patterns to create vibrant family living spaces, just view the self titled Papavera Wallpaper for reference. Jewel Leaves, a crewel inspired pattern of multi-directional leaves in jewel like colours and Floral Bazaar, a joyous, contemporary take on botanical prints, foliage and wild meadow flowers that is like a revitalising breath of fresh air, are two of the papers of their lovely Papavera collection. The delightful Candytuft Wallpaper, that comes in 3 colours, has been created using the layout of a traditional small scale floral print. The contemporary treatment of the tufts of poppy, however, adds a fun, contemporary twist. Why not consider the stunning Abacus Stripe Wallpaper, an individually hand-painted beads that add a pop of colour against irregular thin white stripes, painted onto pastel grounds. Explore the entire collection of Sanderson Papavera Wallpapers online and available to buy at TM Interiors Limited.

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