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Temperley London x Romo Fabric

Immerse yourself in the anthology of fantastical wallcoverings from Temperley London x Romo. These are not mere wallpapers, but intricate textile masterpieces that reinterpret the elegance and spectacle of a Temperley gown. The designs are truly luxurious, carrying the unmistakable charisma of the catwalk onto your walls. From shimmering spots of leopard print to intricate scissors, swinging monkeys, and leaping leopards, the collection is a spectacle that uplifts your home decor and captivates all who behold it.

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The collection pays tribute to the sense of confidence and escapism that Temperley London imparts to its wearers. The Lavinia Wallcoverings are a curated selection of designs that uplift any interior space, inviting you into a world of elegant eccentricity and spellbinding creativity. Indulge in the world-class range of luxury wallpapers and designer wallcoverings, which are sold by the roll, allowing for a seamless and immersive décor experience. The brand is synonymous with an aura of understated luxury and timeless allure. Here is an introduction to four of the stunning designs from this collection. The Lolana Wallcovering is a spectacular reflection of nature’s beauty, capturing the exquisite detail of a butterfly wing on a striking wallcovering. This design shimmers with hidden details and touches of aged metallic that bring it to life, while the subtle texture generated by the intricate print adds an engaging element. With the Mimi Wallcovering, the brand embraces the allure of leopard print in its full glory. This striking ombre wallcovering celebrates the interplay of pattern and texture with irresistible, velvet-like spots on a metallic ombre ground, offering a sophisticated and impactful aesthetic. The Kitty Wallcovering is an alluring exploration of texture and patterns. A small-scale leopard print adorned by layers of glimmering metallic spots exudes decadence, making it a standout design in the collection. The Roxanne Wallcovering is a whimsical display of ornate keys and antique scissors. A metallic print with an aged appearance gives an authentic touch, while richly colored backgrounds add depth and dimension. The wallcovering is inspired by a fluid satin dress adorned with spheres of keys and antique objects, bringing an opulent touch to any interior. In total, the Temperley London x Romo collection includes 12 unique designs, each exuding their individual charm. You're invited to explore the entire collection and indulge in the charm of designer wallcoverings that truly set the tone for a luxurious living experience.