Osborne & Little Teatro Wallpaper

Osborne and Little Teatro wallpapers are a dramatic collection of twelve new wallpaper designs inspired by Italian theatre and introduces innovative printing techniques and textured finishes. Some are printed with a new granular glitter texture which can add style and grace to your home interiors. Consider their beautiful Colombina Wallpaper, a floral round available in two shades. If you enjoy the stripe patterns, take a look at the Ponti, Marenco and Pirandello Wallcoverings. Marenco is an elegant stripe composed of thin metallic bands and a delicate pinstripe, while the Pirandello is a mid-scale block stripe. The lovely Ponti design is printed on a holographic surface and resembles panels of antiqued precious metals. Buy the full range Osborne and little Teatro Wallpapers online at TM Interiors for your home décor.

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