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Mind The Gap Collection 3 Walllpaper

Mind The Gap Wallpapers brings another collection of wallpapers to the market and this book gathers not just a pile of patterns, but instead a collection of stories, feelings, emotions and memories. Considered a little box of collectable gems, you can be the judge, it will take you in a world of beautiful natural elements, artisans creations, vintage aesthetic values, with also the beauty of the underwater life and many inspirational stories. It is a collection of designer wallpapers within a collection if that makes sense each category explores different styles and interior design themes. The Art Of Abstract features designs that are contemporary with bold accents and geometrical elements like the Golden Rush wallpaper designs which will create a fresh and modern statement in any interior. Atoll explores the nautical theme or sub aquatic life, with designs that feature Algae, Coral, Goldfish and The Oceania in general. Florilegium brings us back on land and the beauty of flowers so lots of floral wallcoverings to choose from such as Asian Fruits and Flowers, Water Lilies, Chrysanthemums and more a collection of old illustrations and hand drawings created by artisans, recoloured, rescaled and transformed. Hippie Spirit captures the Bohemian interior design style, or Boho look, inspired from the lifestyle of the beautiful Gypsy people and their nomadic way of life you can find designs such as Gypsy and Black Bird within. Impermanence explores the Japanese Wabi Sabi aesthetic where beauty lies within imperfections and their Marbled Wallpaper is a reflection of that alongside Shibui as just two examples. Manhattan a contemporary take on the Art Deco period exploring the fascinating urban architecture of the city to give inspiration to these designs, these wallcoverings are printed on a premium non-woven coated wallpaper, and the other one, called Metallic Edition, is a bit different created on a smooth satin satin surface and printed with metallic inks. Nouvelle Pop houses quirky unusual wallpaper designs that draw influences from the exuberant style of Andy Warhol, the fabulous drawings of Roy Lichtenstein, or the striking creations of Jean Michel Basquiat, just take a view of Flying Objects and you will get the gist. Palm Springs explores the tropical theme within interiors designs that are modern but also retro, luxurious and stylish with loads of green and clean lines, as well as some light pink and mint-green hues, Beverley Hills, Palm Springs and Treasure Island are just a few designs that stand out. Looking for Vintage Wallpaper then Renascimento takes vintage illustrations and lithographs collected from a couple of old books which have been resized and recoloured from the original patterns to create new unique statement designs such as Anna's Jewelry and Fontainebleau with bold, rich detailing. Finally, World of fabrics is Mind The Gaps world culture inspiration story, where fabric designs get transformed to wallpapers so tartans, ikats and motifs are translated onto non-woven wallcoverings for statement wallpaper designs.

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