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The Juliet Travers Albion range launched in 2015 and focuses on imagery from a completely different part of the world to their previous Safari collection, this time the inspiration was flaura and fauna from the British Isles. The range is complemented by the Juliet Travers Albion Fabric Collection.

In keeping with Juliet’s recognisable style, this collection maintains strong imagery of animals and nature from the region with the same high quality finish. Metallic pigments are used once more to complement and highlight the detail in each design and the colour palette is drawn from Little Greene paint. All Juliet Travers designs are hand-drawn by Juliet herself and printed in the UK using the gravure printing technique to ensure maximum detail and tone is preserved. This is the only process that can capture the detail from Juliet’s original drawings and recreate the same quality of line work during production.