Jim Thompson Temple of Dawn Wallpaper

Jim Thompson Temple of Dawn Wallpapers, known as 'Wat Arun' in Thai, with decorations and mural paintings that boast a vast array of patinas, serves as the focal point for the creation of their stunning new collection. Please check the beautiful Arun Wallpaper design, a replica of an old Thai temple mural painting. The whimsical details of a forest scene serve as the inspiration for this exotic landscape that has a captivating antique look and patina. This large-scale print of a magical forest with tropical plants and lively animals scurrying across an enchanted land is part of Buddhist cosmology. The impressive scene has been printed on 135cm/53" non-woven substrate to accommodate its large-scale repeat of approximately 265cm/104" and provide seamless perfection. Another paper from the collection is the bold Illusion pattern whose true inspiration lies in the traditional ikat textiles. You will find that the Mandarin Orchids Wallpaper is a reinvention of a design found on early Jim Thompson prints. Inspired by fine-line Chinese calligraphy drawings, the delicate orchid vines will twist along your wall whilst full bloom orchids fall from their stem. The pattern creates vertical height and lightness. Check also the stunning Neptune Wallpaper pattern and you will not be disappointed with this botanical design that boasts a crowded field of mature flower blossoms shouting for your attention. Buy Jim Thompson Temple of Dawn Wallpapers online at TM Interiors Limited.
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