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For the second no9 wallpaper collection, Richard Smith has gathered together an inspiring group of designs for the Pageant Wallpapers collection, with some well-loved classics, reimagined for the wall, while others are fresh, new opportunities to create decorative schemes in the no9 style. There is a mix of printing techniques, and the use of pearlescent and metallic inks adds texture and depth to the collection. The Agra design is taken from an original No9 print and is based on the classic hand-knotted Indian rugs of the same name with some of its colours having a soft lustre that gives an elegant feel, whilst other colourways such as yellow with pale grey, and emerald with peacock have a drier finish. The texture of the stitch is reproduced to create a wall covering with a damask-like effect. The Great Wall pattern has a dramatic trellis wainscoting to the base sketched in with a thick, loaded brush. The panels are a huge 3.4m high, to give you as much flexibility as possible and both colourways have a slightly paler and fresher colour palette to their fabric counterparts. Part of the Pageant collection is also the screen inspired design Hainan Wallpaper whose printing technique combines two different processes where the final colour is surface printed, leaving a handmade detail. The beautiful Dragon dance Wallpaper, printed on super wide non-woven paper which is sold by the meter and it brings elegant drama to any room. Jim Thompson no 9 Pageant Wallcoverings online and available to buy.