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Harlequin Harlequin X Diane Hill Wallpapers

Harlequin X Diane Hill Wallpapers bring the best of London artist Diane Hill's unique and vibrant designs. Inspired by ancient Chinese design and traditional chinoiserie influences, these wallpapers encourage homeowners to express their personality in their space. This exclusive collaboration makes the beautiful and elevated art form of chinoiserie accessible to everyone.

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From her London studio, Diane Hill’s meteoric rise in popularity has been far from surprising. With lockdown as its instigator, her talents and love of ancient Chinese design erupted across social media, catching the Harlequin team’s eye. During the 18th century, Europe’s desire for chinoiserie reached fever pitch, with exquisitely painted silks adorning the walls of high society homes. Exotic and alluring, they were the epitome of luxury and glamour. Utterly bespoke, original chinoiserie wallcoverings were, of course, highly regarded and hugely expensive. As par t of its #OWNTHEROOM series, Harlequin opens up the previously unattainable world of silk art. A real treat for the eyes, gouache paint and cut traditional brushes enable fine and intricate detail, which has been carefully translated for digital production. With designs named after pioneering and powerful women that blazed the trail for individuality, this collaboration encourages selfbelief and self-expression.