Designers Guild Shanghai Garden Wallpaper

Designers Guild Shanghai Garden wallpaper collection takes the grandeur of nature as graceful designs for your wall. This collection of simply stunning wallpapers, printed on heavyweight non-woven grounds for ease of hanging, with their new uniquely textured paper used for some of the digitally printed designs which offers the soft handmade feel of parchment. The Shanghai Garden range is heavily influenced by classical Chinese landscape painting and calligraphy, and epitomizes the extraordinarily delicate and painterly evocation of mountains, rivers, trees and blossoms, just explore Jade Temple as an example. It is not only the one design though as the majestic sweep of the Chinese landscape, set against the almost calligraphic elegance of the bamboo and floral patterns, are what gives this collection its light and life. Included are a pair of captivating panel designs which exemplify this, offering wider width scenes from nature for an unmistakable impact in your home interior. Also included are two subtle textural designs that give a wonderful foundation, coordinate with the more painterly patterns. Designers Guild combine contemporary touches with classical motifs, such as in the grandeur of our two hanging garden panel designs which shade across their height in energetic colours, and are crowned at their tops with flowers, the result a striking modern effect for your home.

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