Designers Guild Jardin des Plantes Wallpaper

If your looking for Designers Guild Floral wallpapers then perhaps the Jardin Des Plantes Wallpaper Collection is the range for you, as this is where the exquisite floral prints on heavyweight non-woven substrates are housed under one roof. Floral prints in varying scales, printed on heavyweight non-woven substrates in a palette of ravishing colourways as you would expect from Designers Guild. Also included are smart book cloth marbled prints, fantastic organic natural textures and the most exquisite renderings of exotic butterflies perfect for your home interiors. An attractive design from the range is the Delahaye pattern which is a stunning marbled endpaper style design in four terrific, muted colourways. Another prominent pattern from the collection is the Aubriet Wallpaper, a complete panel 3 meters high and 1.8 meters wide for stunning effect in three glorious colourways. Looking for texture then the Corneille Wallpaper, again printed in three stunning colourways, on heavyweight non-woven grounds for ease of hanging, has wonderful textured background effect from the Aubriet panel design and is reminiscent of the distressed walls of a Tuscan villa to add a great effect to your walls. Jardin des Plantes Wallpapers range online and available to buy.

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