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Cole and Son Martyn Lawrence Bullard Wallpaper

An eclectic collection celebrating global craftsmanship. Martyn Lawrence Bullard for Cole & Son brings together Eastern and Western influences in opulent, contemporary designs. Straight away a celebration of Martyn's LA influences, the Hollywood Palm Wallpaper is an instant classic born out of both common Cole and Son motifs and deco Palm Springs design. The collection then moves away from Western Influence into some more Eastern Culture, with the Bahia wallpaper design. Bahia meaning 'brilliance', derives its name from the beautiful Bahia Palace and surrounding gardens in Marrakesh. This decorative doorway panel's design draws inspiration from both the palace and the Durbar Room of Osborne House, the palatial holiday house of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Another striking floral design is the Royal Fernery is a lush motif of abundant leaves, inspired by the Majorelle Gardens in Marrakesh, and printed in chalky all matte palettes of Khaki and Print Room Blue, Forest Green, Warm Grey, and the soft yet arresting Slate Blue and Blush Pink making the paper an opulent feature in any interior. While the striking geometric of the Zellige wallpaper which takes its name from the Arabic expression for mosaic tilework one of the most notable aspects of Moroccan architecture. Ideal for a statement living room or a globally-inspired den.

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