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Casamance Louxor Wallpapers

Drawing influence from the lavish aesthetics of Art Deco Interior Design, Casamance's Louxor wallpaper range masterfully employs varied surface techniques to allow light to elevate and accentuate each design within the collection. The inspiration for this range is the Louxor, a cinema in Paris, distinguished by its neo-Egyptian facade, built in 1921. A century later, this architectural jewel has spurred Casamance to craft a collection epitomizing luxury and opulence, featuring four compelling designs. Among them, Kheops captivates with its sparkling geometric pattern, available in five distinct colorways, while Assouan intrigues with its unique interlocking linear pattern, offered in five versatile hues. Complementing these are the elegant Plamyre and Isis designs. The collection exudes opulence through rich, deep colors, enriched with flashes of precious metals—gold, copper, or silver—imbuing each design with a lavish touch, a true homage to the splendor of the Art Deco era.

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