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Casamance Archipel Wallpapers

Inspired by the fascinating islands of Southeast Asia, the Archipel Collection by Casamance promises harmonious integration with nature. It’s ideal for spaces such as bedrooms or reading nooks that seek poetic and delicate graphics reminiscent of vegetal artisanship. The Nara wallpaper design which is also available as a fabric called Matsu and is named after a pine tree is native to the coastal areas of Japan and South Korea, and just like its native habitat the design depicts low mountains and hillside in a simplified expressive form. Kansai is also an impressive scenic wallcovering where exotic plants and foliage native to Asia hold the foreground while a mountain scene fades into the background. Lombok is a fascinating wallcovering that explores material with its grain and marquetry effects beautifully. The collection captures snapshots of Japan, Indonesia and more, wrapping the walls in soft colours and poetic allure, making it a suitable choice for modern or contemporary interior design themes seeking a touch of exotic elegance.

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