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Casadeco Ohio Wallpapers

The Ohio collection, named after the robust Ohio River, encapsulates the essence of rich and vibrant nature, mirroring the diverse and prosperous landscapes of America. It paints a vivid picture of autumn hues along the riverbanks, showcasing varied foliage and impressive landscapes. The collection is a breath of fresh air, introducing designs inspired by branches, burnt wood, and more geometric patterns, all in modern matches and warm tones of beige, grey, and chestnut, interspersed with lively notes of khaki, yellow, ink, and copper, enriching interiors with a spirit of escape and modern sophistication, enhanced by metallic effects. Arbre represents the extensive journey of the Ohio River with its branching effects on wallpaper, bringing a refreshing, vegetative take over, harmonizing with Scandinavian and natural materials. Tartan impresses with its blend of colors, lines, and patterns, offering a canvas for unique expression, particularly striking in its ink and copper rendition. Erosion, inspired by the surrounding eroded rocks of Ohio’s high mountains, merges organic and geometric influences, presenting a serene, mineral ambiance in warm, dual color combinations, adding elegance and lightness to walls. This versatile collection is perfect for interiors aiming for a refined, natural, and expansive look, resonating well with contemporary and modern design philosophies.

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