Arte Revera Wallpaper

The Arte Revera wallpaper range explores the cross-pollination between fashion and interior design. In this range of luxury wallcoverings classic textile patterns are given a modern twist with foil, flock or real textile in this new collection of wallcoverings where jute Textile was the source of inspiration for the Revera Wallcoverings collection. Align design is made with real fabric, namely jute. It is a patchwork with pieces of jute loosely sewn together. Using a foil base gives the design a glossy effect. Patch combines various prints in an eclectic collage, and is a nod to the sixties period. The cube pattern of Pulse is somewhat surrealistic because of its squiggly lines, and this design has also vintage vibes as it has a flock wallcovering finish, providing you with ultra-soft walls. For Contour, Arte relied on an old stamping technique where the pattern is stamped directly onto the textile, and the result is a design that combines a tile pattern with a funky interplay of lines. Waves Arc is quite an unconventional design, the various curves are asynchronous, which creates a special look, and again somewhat of a trendy vintage print with wavy patterns. Cadance has a rhythmic herringbone pattern in a freer form, and the design has also been given a touch of flock, with a tweed effect as a result. The geometric pattern of Geo has a mirror effect thanks to the glossy base and can create a special look in your home interior. The collection is finished with Fade which is designed to work with all the designs as a supporting wallcovering, when you want to create a statement wall with either of the patterns above and using the plain on other walls. But the full range of Arte Revera wallcoverings online at TM Interiors Limited.
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