Arte Paleo Wallpaper

Arte Paleo wallpaper range gives us a glimpse of native America through their eyes focusing on the the oldest native inhabitants of North America, who had a colourful lifestyle and fascinating culture, the Paleo Indians. Five designs from the plains of Strata a textural plain and Latus a silk imitation whose colourways work with the other patterns available in the collection. Patterns like Tribu referring to typical tribal patterns, familiar in Mexican fabrics, this stunning motif is woven on imitation raffia and cotton. Civilia is inspired by the oldest form of embroidery, and a unique design, based on quill-work, handwork that was exclusively by the native Americans to decorate clothes, jewellery and other utensils. While the Copan wallpaper design gives us a view from a kaleidoscope to create a statement wallcovering again woven on imitation raffia and cotton. All these Arte Wallpaper designs and colour palette in the collection take their inspiration from the way clothes, jewellery and utensils used by the Paleo nomadic tribe, and will suit anyone looking for a contemporary bohemian interior design style.
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