Arte Monochrome Wallpaper

Arte Wallcoverings launch Monochrome a new designer wallpaper collection which is a set of designer wallcoverings in a single colour, that you often come across in the world of art and photography. Arte wallpapers rediscovered this technique and it provided the source of inspiration for Monochrome, a new series of wallcoverings with a luxurious finish. Using a technique with relief inks the monochrome hues are given a new dimension, as the shiny relief inks are applied to a matte or metallic substrate. This process imparts depth to the wallcovering, and therefore can bring a new dimension to your interior. The various patterns exude sophistication with prints that transport you on a world voyage and to emphasize the exclusiveness of this technique, the designs are inspired by noble materials such as wood, leather and precious metals. Felicity is a stylish design that gives an impression of luxury with fine details and oriental influences, and the pattern is also reminiscent of embossed leather. The Matrix wallpaper design also has the feel of an oriental tile design and with the shiny relief ink tint, creates a very interesting tile structure. The wallpaper design of Window also has a powerful almost Art Deco style, decorative and somewhat eclectic. Grid is made up of squares and the interesting interplay of lines within, while the design of Rondo brings a mosaic design to your home in a simple but effect manner. Timber is inspired by the unique structure of wood which has a nice expanding effect due to the flowing grain structure, while Grace looks very natural, like a climbing plant, and could embellish any wall. Oblique is a slanting design with overlapping geometric patterns that create a fun effect, mainly due to the striking colour nuances of the design. Finally the plain design of Serene unwinds the tight patterns found elsewhere in the Arte Monochrome collection. The design has a slight relief ink technique on the design and comes in eleven soft pastel shades. Most of these Arte Wallcovering designs come in a number of colourways and the collection features non-woven wallcovering with 8 designs in glossy relief inks, and 1 plain with a metallic finish, sold by the roll size 8,50 m x 0,70 m, and available to buy online at TM Interiors Limited.
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