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Arte Kharga Wallpaper

The Kharga collection is a stunning testament to the magic of the Sahara, inspired by the significant Kharga oasis, a vital stop on the age-old trade route interconnecting various oases in Egypt. This collection captures the essence of desert life, from the intensity of the midday sun to the majestic, star-freckled sky at twilight, encapsulating the spirit of the desert in designer wallpaper. Every detail of the Sahara finds expression in the Kharga collection, from the ever-changing contours of the dunes to the delicate composition of the desert sand. The textures and patterns found in the traditional attire and carpets of the Sahara's nomads are skillfully replicated, creating a palpable sense of the desert's unique charm. In summary, the Kharga collection is a beautiful homage to the enigmatic life of the desert, embodied in the form of luxury wallpapers.

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The Kharga collection offers a unique range of designer wallpapers. You will find the Atacama, a luxurious textile wallpaper sold by the meter that boasts a boucle fabric containing real alpaca wool. Feel the gentle whisper of the desert breeze in the Barkhan, a geometric metre textile wallpaper with a design inspired by crescent-shaped dunes. The Bayuda captures the magic of the desert night sky with its whimsical lines and a sprinkle of sparkling gold on a metered printed wallpaper. You can't miss the Gobi, an abstract metre printed wallpaper that paints the starry sky of the Gobi Desert. In the Moire, hypnotic designs create a moire effect on a glossy fabric, presenting a unique wallcovering sold by the meter. The Kharga collection also brings to you the Tenere, an abstract meter printed wallpaper that mirrors the dehydrated and cracked desert soil. Finally, immerse yourself in the mythical oasis of the desert with the Zerzura, a scenic panel textile wallpaper on a velvet background.