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Arte Enigma Wallpapers

Enigma, made through a special thermoforming technique, offers a unique three-dimensional wallcovering that remains supple to touch. Featuring three different patterns and fabric types, this collection adds depth and dimension to any room, ideal for a contemporary or innovative design theme.

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Arte wallpapers are well known in the interior design world for trendsetting when coming up with new colours and using the latest materials and techniques for their wallcoverings. As with this Enigma wallpaper collection, they have used thermoforming originally they showed this technical tour de force to advantage with the Intrigue Wallcoverings collection, but both Eclipse and Enigma are worthy successors. During thermoforming, a shape is pressed into the fabric using heat. The shape is permanent but the material remains supple and strokable. In one smooth movement you get three-dimensional wallcoverings.

This special collection has three different patterns and three types of fabric: a matt fabric, a satin gloss fabric and a suede-look fabric. Each of the patterns in the book has its own colours. The first design of their Flex wallpaper, consists of angular, geometric blocks. At a distance, the blocks become smaller forming a rigid and hilly décor. The relief is more apparent thanks to the subtly shiny fabric. Flex is available in a daring yellow, in dark gold, titanium grey and dark blue. Charm is a more traditional pattern, but just as daring. A damask motif is pressed into the fabric with the same creativity and care. This pattern is rather large, but no details were missed. The elegant lines are very attractive. Charm comes in five colours: taupe, dark brown, royal blue, fuchsia and grey. Select is probably the most clear-cut example of three-dimensionality. You see a pattern that seems to stick out of the wall like real tiles. The covered wall is not flat because tiles jump out here and there. It is playful but with a definite rhythm. The last surprise is the choice of material. For the Select wallpaper they chose a fabric with a suede look. This material provides intriguing nuances in colour intensity. Select is available in six warm, natural colours: ecru, rust, brown, golden green, light grey and a dark aubergine tint.

All the designs in the Enigma Wallcoverings collection have a positive acoustical effect in the room. That may increase your comfort and be an asset in some situations. They work perfectly on ceilings and dividing walls. It also masks all flaws on less than perfect walls. These are exquisite three-dimensional textile wallcoverings on non-woven backing. Buy the full range of Arte Wallpapers online at TM Interiors Limited.