Arte Atelier Wallpaper

The Arte Atelier wallcovering range features five luxury wallpapers that has the complete authentic look of soft, luxurious leather, complete with its natural nuances and irregularities. A heavy weight luxury vinyl wallpaper was used and essential for obtaining the realistic texture and the feel of genuine leather, and the hand-stitched leather details contribute to the realistic look of this refined wallpaper. The Alma and Campo designs with hand-stitched leather details realistically has all the natural nuances and irregularities of natural leather with different sized square designs. Plaza has a bit more life in the design a playful version of Alma, where the alternation of the colours gives the suggestion of a woven piece of work and a rhythmic pattern of different colours have been combined to create a real visual impact, but the uniform repetition ensures that the overall effect is not too straining on the eye. Cosma is much bolder and has different geometric shapes used interchangeably in a playful manner, as in one stitched square new shapes visually appear to create real interest. The Oden design is perhaps the most eye catching design which is based on a functional and minimalist design from the Bauhaus period, that has pronounced shapes and a tense interaction between blocks of circles to create a visual feature wallpaper. Browse these Arte Wallpapers online and pick out a contemporary luxury wallpaper from heavyweight vinyl wallpapers.
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