Andrew Martin Kit Kemp Wallpaper

Andrew Martin Kit Kemp Wallpaper Collection is a collaboration between Andrew Martin and award winning interior designer, Kit Kemp. These wallpapers support the fabric collection of the same name and these five wallpaper designs depict scenes of mythical lands in dusky colours accented with contemporary bursts of bright orange, blue, yellow and green. A panel wallpaper design named Mythical Land is giant 3 metre repeat wallpaper will whisk you away to tales of old the design is inspired by American folk art and tells an enchanting story. In contrast Apache inspired by Native America art depicts elaborately head-dressed hunters riding with their pack of dogs and surrounded by decorated quivers and feathered bows and arrows. A wallpaper collection that has a country house feel but with a sense of mysticism and history that enables you to forge a home interior scheme of your own which can tell a new and exciting story.

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