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Zoffany Kensington Walk Fabrics

Kensington Walk Fabrics by Zoffany intertwine classic elegance with a touch of urban charm. Perfectly suited for those wanting to blend traditional craftsmanship with the vibrancy of city life. This collection, in its essence, embodies the streets of upscale London boroughs. The Eastern Palace fabric design by Sam Wilde explores the cultural heritage of Japan in this expressive and impressive design, while Floating Mountains Fabric is hand drawn using pen and watercolour from the Zoffany studio based on an archive document and inspired by the drawings on an ancient hanging scroll, rolling waterfalls and towering mountains depict a classic Chinese scene. Nirvani Embroidery is a fine embroidered linen that has a beautifully, luxurious handle depicting stylised trees and flowers in a checkerboard pattern with Asian influences, and a artisanal colouring technique. Paradise Row is a place where botanical influences go hand in hand with a calmer more reflective pace of life, and the fabric of the same name, with influences from botanical studies and unique flora gathered from around the world this hand drawn watercolour on fine 100% linen is completely striking and sits alongside other flora delights. Such as, Water Iris and Longwater Botanical, the latter being a contemporary print that reflects in the turning waters tall trees and bowing branches to great effect, printed on a fine bleached linen in two fresh, new colourways. Perhaps a stately townhouse with bespoke curtains or a modern condo with custom length curtains; Kensington Walk offers the flexibility to cater to diverse tastes. Remember, our team offers made to measure services, ensuring every piece fits perfectly within your space. From bespoke headboards to curtains custom made, we ensure every piece echoes your unique style.

Zoffany Kensington Walk Fabrics
Zoffany Kensington Walk Fabrics
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