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Zimmer + Rohde Wonderland Fabrics
Zimmer + Rohde Wonderland fabrics is a homage to mythical places, fairy-tale dream worlds and the magic of the future. A very diverse collection of designer fabrics it takes inspiration from the curiosity of artists like Henri Rousseau while also paying tribute to traditional craftsmanship. The self-titled Wonderland is artist inspired and itself depicts a mythical landscape, where dragonflies perch on reeds and delicate blossoms nestle together, and the print of the fabric also accentuates the vibrancy of the pattern. Yara on the other hand is inspired by the impressive textiles of the African Shoowa people, available in various colour options this velvet design is both hard-wearing and flame-resistant, it is equally suited to private homes and hotels or restaurants. Meandro has an appealing ornamental diamond pattern, where using a special embroidery technique, elegant bands, woven in three colours, are applied to linen with a handcraft appearance, for a stunning decorative fabric. Another modern embroidery on subtly shimmering cotton sateen with sophisticated beauty is Hidden Treasure that has a three-dimensional velvet effect, with surprise pops of colour. Kasi is also another standout embroidered geometric pattern with a pure linen base material that lends a natural character to the decorative fabric it is inspired by Polynesian bark paintings. Technical innovation inspires a lot of the design options from Zimmer and Rohde in this latest fabric range.