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Voyage Natural History Fabrics
Voyage Natural History is a rich narrative inspired by eclectic studies and illustrations of the world around us. The collection is inspired by an expedition journal from a voyage of discovery exploring biology and geology with sketchbook drawings capturing the precise detail of the world around. With varied subjects such as whales, fossils, moths, fish and pocket watches these studies are drawn with very precise detail creating a real cabinet of curiosities. The collection has a useable timeless look for both city and country interior lifestyles. With a wide range of designs to choose from, the Natural History Volume 1 fabrics would look lovely in any home. Check for example the Aquarius fabric, wonderful fish studies, hand drawn in pen and ink or the Library Books Antique print, a real statement print with its beautifully detailed library book design. The Natural History Weaves are designed to complement the Natural History Volume 1. View the complete range of Voyage Natural History Fabrics online with complimentary custom curtains, blinds and upholstery services for home interior and design schemes all from TM Interiors Limited.