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Outdoor fabrics become ever more popular and Romo launch an exquisite of durable outdoor fabrics in a variety of soft, textural woven designs that combine both beauty and functionality. Outdoor textiles continue to advance with innovative velvets included within this range that embrace the future of outdoor design. Solution-dyed acrylic velvets have exceptional colour fastness to light properties bringing an exciting, tactile addition to our range of outdoor suitable fabrics. Designs include a reinterpretation of their fabulous Japura design which combines tropical artistry with a unique tapestry like quality, attractive outdoor striped fabrics Nicoya and Akiti, as well as characterful geometrics in the form of Estero, colourful small-scale designs like Calita and textural semi-plains like Xago. With all the practical aspects required for outdoor applications, this decorative collection of outdoor fabrics is equally suitable for both indoor and outdoor schemes combining performance with unrivalled luxury.